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1 star: beat elite four

2 star: beat master rank in all contests (visit art museum first)

3 star: catch 200 Pokemon (not "event legends")

4 star: beat 50 trainers in a row in battle tower (100 will only give you a gold shield)

i have no idea what the 5th star is...

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Q: How do you get five stars on trainer card ruby?
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Where are the stars located on a Pokemon trainer card?

The stars are located on the top of the card on Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

Can you really go to space on ruby?

I believe so, but you have to get 5 stars on your trainer card and play a 100 hours to do so.

How do you get 5 stars on Pokemon ruby and sapphire?

if you mean on the trainer card you need to beat the league complete the pokedex hatch an egg and complete battle tower

How do i tell how many badges i have in Pokemon ruby?

Look at your trainer card

What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in ruby?

You get a diploma and a gold trainer card.

How do you get five stars on a Pokemon Ruby trading card?

Getting Five StarsI know you have to becme the champion, get pictures in all the contests, which are posted in the Pokemon museum, I'm pretty sure you have to complete the pokedex, that's all I know.

How do you get Five Stars in Pokemon Ruby without using a trainer card?

Five Stars in RubyWell, I only know how to get four stars, although i think there are five. There is a fifth one here it is. You get them like this:Beat Master Contestbeat the elite fourwin 50 battles in a row at trainer towerwin a master contest in every rank*get the first 200 Pokemon (you don't have to have jirachi or deoxys)After you win the contest, the artist should come and talk to you. He asks if he can put a picture of your Pokemon in the art gallery. Say yes. Once you have a picture in the art gallery for all 5 contests, you get the star. If you win but the artist doesn't talk to you, then you haven't done well enough. Try again.

Where is the trainer hill in Pokemon Ruby?

There is no Trainer Hill in Pokemon Ruby. Trainer Hill is only in Pokemon Emerald.

What trainer has a Relicanth in ruby?

No trainer in the game has relicanth in ruby but you can find it around sootopolis city underwater.

How do you get your Pokemon card to five stars Pokemon Ruby?

see all Pokemon,beat Pokemon league,get all symbols,get level hundred Pokemon if you don't know how I'll lol

Where is the trainer hill in ruby and Sapphire?

there is no such thing.

Father trainer on Pokemon ruby?


How do you get five star in sapphire?

if u mean five stars on ur trainer card then u have to: -beat the elite four -get 200 different Pokemon in ur pokedex -get a 100 win streak in the battle tower -and beat all 5 types of contests at the master rank level in sapphire and ruby u can only get 4 stars. in emerald u can get five. -to get the other star for only emerald, u have to complete ur hoenn pokedex. (This isn't true, I've beat the elite four, completed the Hoenn pokedex, and i only have 1 star, so something must be wrong)

Where is the trainer on ruby who has an machamp?

West of pacifidlog town.

Where is the trainer hill in Ruby?

The trainer hill is a zone in which you fight many different trainers. In Pokémon Ruby you can find the hill near Mauville City.

How do you get 5 stars on your trainer's card for Pokemon Ruby?

You can't. The maximum is 4. for more info, see

Where do you find a trainer with a zangoose in diamond?

There isn't a trainer. you need to have Pokemon ruby. then after you get the national dex you insert ruby and go to route 208 and after a few encounters zangoose will appear.

What do you get if you catch every Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

You get the Pokedex Diploma. You get the Pokemon Diploma, a new star and colour on your Trainer Card and the satisfaction of capturing every Pokemon in the game.

Who is the trainer or who are the trainers who have mudkip in soulsilver?

No trainer in soul silver has a mudkip, to get it in your pokedex you would have to migrate from Ruby, Saphire or Emerald.

How do you get five star ruby?

there's no such thing as five star ruby but if it does exist it's a hack

Who is the hardest trainer to beat in ruby?

steven mostly because of his metagross

How do you check if you beat the league?

To see if you have beaten the Pokemon Legue: Diamond/Pearl - View trainer card -> Press A If you have beaten the Pokemon League, the lines next to 'Hall of Fame Debut' will be filled in with the month, day, year, and time you beat them. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald - View trainer card If you have beaten the Pokemon League, there will be a blicking start next to your name.

How do you fill up your trainer card spaces in Ruby or Sapphire?

VERIZON FIOS DEALS Cash Reward: Up to $100 per Order ($100 for Consumer FiOS TV/Data/Streaming Services or $35 for Consumer High Speed Internet)

When and where can you battle your rival Pokemon trainer in ruby?

You can battle him at the end of victory road

What trainer has a gardevior?

Wally, the true rival of Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald.