How do you get flat stomach and skinny legs in a month?


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To get a flat stomach and skinny legs in a month, you will need to practice a good diet and get plenty of exercise. Concentrate on exercise like crunches, sit ups, and running to lose fat around the stomach and on the legs.

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A duck is an animal that has skinny legs and large feet. An ostrich also has skinny legs and feet that look large compared to them. Moose also have skinny legs.

Exercise. She is not thin or skinny, she's actually quite curvy and tanned. She just has flat stomach and muscular legs. But in interviews she says that her legs look like that because she took after her dad... Hmmm... I don't belive her. She spends a lot of time on the gym. But she has money and free time to do that!

Riding a bike is good for your cardio and will give you great legs. It may help you gain a flat stomach as well depending on how long you ride and how fast.

You'll get to your goal if you eat right healthily intake of vegetables and proteins. Avoid meat

The magic of skinny jeans, isn't just in the jeans. In order to make your legs look skinny, you have to wear the proper shoes. A pair of converse, vans, toms, Uggs, or flats can be worn to make your legs seem as skinny as you want.

It does make your legs bigger. I mean like it increases your muscles like quadriceps

i have skinny legs and i think you shouldn't make em skinny they will loook like chicken legs like mine and ul be made funn of but if u want it smaller do squats it will make muscles in ur legs

Road running is by far the best way to make your legs skinny

They become skinny as long as you stretch afterwards, and if you run on flat surfaces rather than hilly ones.

get on a good diet and do sit-ups daily and do leg squats to build up your leg muscles.

if i was a boy i should work out to get those legs skinny.If i was i girl i would just run about 30 or more min a day to get my legs skinny

soccer legs are legs that are perfect or soccer. not to long not to short, not to meaty and not to skinny

all you have to do is exercise

legs spread but flat legs spread but flat

Honey, you'll look better with bowlegged legs in skinny jeans than with normal legs!

Denim pants with tapered(skinny) legs that fits snug down to the ankles.

work out on ur legs not only does it make them strong but it makes them skinny

Exercise your legs by running more and exercising your feet are the best ways.

whats for dinny?...eggs i get in these legs call up jenny crieg

that is what i am and i don't think it is depending on the way your figure is. You could have a pretty big stomach and skinny legs . It all depends in the way you perceive it.

Because of how they skinny they have skinny legs to keep them very light

you can get skinny legs quick by eating a healthy diet if your overweight but if your not over weight and you just want thinner legs there is this great book called thin thighs in 30 days ive heard its great.

What I do is lie down on the floor and lift up my legs. Than I keep one leg up and the other goes down keep switching legs but dont switch to fast it probably wont give you a flat stomach in two weeks but you can feel it helping but dont over do it. Also drink water before bed and when you wake up it helps your metabolism.

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