How do you get fly in y?

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What vowel does the word fly have in it?


How do you spell fly?


How do you fly a falcon on roblox?

press y

Do airplanes still fly in the Bermuda Triangle?

yes they still fly .Thats y they get lost.

What is the vowel sound in fly?

The Y in fly has a long I vowel sound, as do the words sly and my.

Which direction do bats fly?

they have craz y for food

Insect start with f and ends with y?


What can fly beginning with the letter y?

yellow jacket

Can you teach vivillon fly in Pokemon X and Y?


Things that fly that starts with y?

Yellow warbler is a bird that flies. It begins with the letter Y.

Ideas for a Greek myth?

umm well like y rainbows occur and y birds fly or y trees loose leaves

More ending in y that sound like sky?


How do you fly a plane on flight 2012 Roblox?

click y

How do you fly in robox?

a plane y and kep pressing m and click in the air and fly tool cick in the air

What helps excrete wastes on a fruit fly?

its feet, that's y you never eat something after a fly has landed on it

Another word for soar with a long you or e or i?

fly y = long I

Is fly a short vowel word?

No. The Y has a long I vowel sound.

How do you use a jet pack on roblox?

Press Y then just fly

What is the plural of fly?

The word 'fly' is a noun that has a regular plural.The plural of words ending with a consonant + 'y' are made plural by changing the 'y' to an 'i' and adding 'es'Thus a baby becomes babies, and a flybecomes flies, especially if you leave the window open!

What are the names of the small animals ending with y?

* canary * dragon fly * fly * blue jay * pony * kitty * puppy * guppy

How do you fly helicopters on roblox?

You use the helicopter tool, Press "y" to fly on your key board an if you can shoot, then you press "f" to fire.

Does fly have a long e sound?

No. The Y in fly has a long I sound, as in ply and sly. The long E is heard in flee and flea.

How do you say 'there is a fly in my soup' in french?

Il y a une mouche dans ma soupe.

What Words with y that sound like by?

Some words with 'y' that rhyme with 'by' are: 'cry, dry, fly, fry, my, sly, spry, try, why'.

What Three letter words that begin with f and end with y?

fry fly