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1st: run finger under hot water for 2 minutes(not to hot)

2nd: mix baking soda with vinegar (pour in very slow and carefully)

3rd: quickly put finger in mixed ingredients but don't make a splash

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Which candy gives off the most food coloring?

Candy doesn't give off food coloring...... YOU ADD IT.........

How do you clean food coloring off a carpet?

vinegar will do the trick.

Are porkchops a finger food?

If you chop off a finger while chopping the pork, it might become food.

How can you make food coloring come off?

Baking soda will do it right

Is there DNA in food coloring?

no there is not DNA in food coloring

How do you eat food coloring?

How do you eat food coloring

If you dye your skin blue with blue food coloring will it come off in a chlorinated pool?

Yes, the blue food coloring will probably come off because the chlorine is in the pool to keep it clean. But then again, it really depends on the pool-the more chlorinated it is, the more likely the food coloring is to come off. You could always try it... but I would suggest letting it soak into your skin and then rinsing it off before don't want the lifeguards yelling at you for getting blue food coloring in the pool. If you really must have blue coloring, I would suggest getting a blue sharpie, they stay on better.

Is food coloring a solvent or solute?

Food coloring is a solvent.

Is food coloring homogeneous or homogenous?

Food coloring is homogeneous.

Does food coloring dye the skin?

yes, use cold cream to get it off.

Does water mix with food coloring?

Yes,but it is accutly food coloring mixing with water not water mixing with food coloring.

How do you make Easter egg dye from food coloring?

you mix your choice of food coloring with white finger to make dye for Easter eggs for more information on dying Easter eggs go to

What makes food coloring stick to food?

food coloring doesnt stick to food it obsorbes into food

Does food coloring harm a flower?

The food coloring will not harm a flower if it is in water. Food coloring will also dye a white flower.

What does yellow and green food coloring makes?

Blue food coloring

Is food coloring natural?

Food coloring is a dye, therefore it is not natural.

How long can you keep food coloring?

Believe it or not, food coloring does NOT expire!

How do you stop green fingers from rings?

if you put clear nailpolish on the inner part of the ring it will keep the green coloring off of your finger

Does food coloring effect the taste of food?

yes ,it does because of the compounds used to make food coloring[which consits of natural and artificial coloring].

What makes food coloring?

food coloring is made up of many substances such as water and dye. The color of the dye is the color of food coloring.

Can people get sick off of food coloring?

No, its just water and several harmless dyes.

Is it safe to eat food coloring on pancakes?

Food coloring is safe to use on any food.

How does food coloring affect food?

Food coloring does not affect food, except to change its color. That's why it can be used in food.

Can you separate food coloring from water?

evaporate the water and the food coloring will be left

What foods can you use food coloring on?

you can use it on all type of food coloring