How do you get free membership on Poptropica?


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There is no way to have paid monthly membership without an adult registration of a credit card for the cost involved, or by using a prepaid Poptropica gift card.


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No, you cannot get a poptropica membership for free. It is a paid monthly service.

Yes there is a series of games you can play to get free poptropica membership from funbrain

You cannot buy a Poptropica membership for free, unless you have a promotion code that specifically says that it makes membership, which I do not think are very common.

You can't get free membership but at the store sometimes they have free stuff :)

you have to buy membership for poptropica.

Poptropica membership is a membership that you can use to get items from the poptropica store all for free. And, not only that, um ... get early access pass to all islands. :) Your welcome.

No, monthly membership is a paid service. You do not need a membership to play on the site.

No, Poptropica is free. However Poptropica Membership is paid. Poptropica Membership simply means new islands are open before anyone else.

the only way to get free costumes on poptropica is to buy a membership. then they give you unlimited costumes, but if u lose your membership, they go away

you get membership and buy it in the store for free. or go and find an account with membership or with a follower

I dont think it is possible to get a free membership in Poptropica, if you want one you will need to buy one or find a code on a secret website.

There are none. It is a paid monthly service. Membership is not required to play on the site.

no'' you have to pay for it' can use on Mobil phone

Too many people play it at once You may have noticed that they now have poptropica membership. The Membership is not free is what I believe

YES!But you do need to pay for membership-(optional)

on Poptropica, no there isn't. there is a one month plan, a game card plan, a three month plan, and a sixth month plan. Free Realms, however, has a lifetime membership, but not Poptropica.

poptropica membership is sold on line

No you have to pay. You may have seen those on youtube but I suggest they're a practical joke. But there is NO way to get free membership :(

No, since it is free and you dont have to pay unless you want the membership.

NO. It dosent its all free except the membership.

Yes, Poptropica Membership requires payment.

You can have someone else buy it for you as a present (birthday, Christmas/Hanukkah). But no, someone has to pay for the membership.

With membership, everything's free except the membership. You can use (but not keep) any costume or effect. Some "members only" costumes go into your item bag and so even if you stop your membership, you can keep those.

Although Poptropica is free to play, there is a paid monthly membership that provides benefits for a monthly fee. Parents or adults can use their credit cards to buy credits, gift cards, and memberships at the Poptropica store.

It costs about $3 a month for Poptropica membership. Poptropica is free to use, but to have access to all of the costumes and effects, and Early Access to the islands, there is a paid monthly membership. The 6-month membership as of 2013 is $19.95 USD, which is about $3.33 a month, charged to a credit card or gift card. (Some items will remain yours even if your membership ends.)

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