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Q: How do you get free weapons in tf2?
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How do you level up weapons in tf2?

Weapons cannot be "leveled up" in TF2

How do you get new weapons on tf2?

if you want to get the scout weapons eg. do achevments

How do you get more metal in Tf2?

You get metal in TF2 either by trading or by crafting down the weapons you find

How much does tf2 cost?

TF2 is free-to-play

Can you trade tf2 beta weps onto tf2 normal?

No you cannot trade weapons for beta tf2 to normal tf2. Beta Tf2 is considered to be a completely different game by steam. Therefore the two game's inventories are not compatible.

How do you find strange weapons in tf2?

Strange weapons are obtained from unboxable crates.

What do you do when you run out of inventory space in free to play tf2?

You can either delete items, craft weapons together, or buy a backpack expander/ get premium

Do you lose your weapons if you reinstall tf2?

Nope, everything on your profile for TF2 (backpack/controls etc...) is kept online.

What is the easiest way to get weapons in TF2?

Just playing the game then trading those weapons for the weapons you want. That won't work because what if you were free to play so this may take a long time but you randomly get weapons when you play :]

Is tf2 good?

Yes. TF2 is a GREAT game, and I recommend you "buy" it. TF2 is now free to Play.

How do you use unlockable tf2 weapons in Gmod?

download them from

Can you transfer tf2 weapons from one steam account to another?


How do you get more weapons on Teamfortress2?

if you've got the Xbox version you cannot get more weapons. however if you've downloaded it off steam you can pick them up. to download steam make a account and download tf2 its free. hope my answer helps.

I crafted most of the Spy's weapons in TF2 can I ever get them all back?

Nope, sorry.

How do you pick up weapons in tf2?

You can't pick up weapons. The weapon you wish to use must be in your inventory and then you can equip it.

How do you get new weapons for tf2?

You need to complete achivments. Counts 10 15 20.

Do you need to download tf2 to play it?

Yes, first download steam, make a account, then find tf2 in steam and download it. Its free now. (TF2 takes about 3-10 gb of space.)

Can you get weapon updates on tf2 orange box for your ps3?

Nope... PS3 + X-BOX versions of Team Fortress 2 do not have Updates / Update Weapons / Bug Fixes. Valve make games for the PC. Also, you wasted your money when you bought TF2 on the PS3 because it's free on PC when purchased from Steam.

Is premium for TF2 free?

Important: There's no such thing as "Premium" and "Free User" on TF2. The only place you can be Premium and Free User are on Steam... to make your TF2 be like normal accounts you can do one of these things: - BUY a game on Steam (Buying, not free games or demos) - Buy something from the Mann Co Store

Do strange botkiller weapons keep track of how many robots you kill in tf2?

No, because robots are AI and strange weapons only track player kills.

Does tf2 on orange box have updated guns?

... on the PC: Yes. ... on the X-BOX: No, it's really not reccomended that you buy TF2 on the X-BOX for many reasons; - No Updates (ever) - No Updated Weapons (class update+) - Bugs + Glitches - It's free on the PC ... on the PS3: No, the same... it's not reccomended that you buy TF2 on the X-BOX because; - No Updates (ever) - No Updated Weapons (class update+) - Bugs + Glitches - It's free on the PC

How do you get items on tf2?

You either buy them from the TF2 catalog or you get them in random drops. So far there haven't been any way to get them for free, aside from trading and finding them.

How do you move while taunting in TF2 on xbox 360?

Jump a millisecond after you taunt. The same can be done for switching weapons.

Do you have to pay monthly for team fortess 2?

No, TF2 is free to play.

How do you get scrap metal in tf2?

Scrap Metal can be obtained by "crafting" two weapons for the same class together in the "Craft Menu".