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How do you get from Budapest Airport to Keleti Train Station?

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If travelling from Terminal 1, then take train to Budapest Nyugati station, which takes between 20- 25 minutes.

Then hop onto the metro line 3 to Deak Ferencter. Change there to go onto line 2 for a few stops to get to Keleti Train Station.

If the arrival of Terminal 2, you have to go by bus to the subway station. The metro station is called: KŐBÁNYA KISPEST. The bus number 200E. The bus route:

Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 vá. - Ferihegy 2 bekötőút - 4. sz. út - Üllői út - Ferihegyi repülőtérre vezető út - Liszt Ferenc Airport 1 - Ferihegyi repülőtérre vezető út - Gyömrői út - Ferihegyi repülőtérre vezető út - Kispesti lehajtó - Lehel utca - szervizút - Kőbánya-Kispest M vá.

Then hop onto the metro line 3 to Deak Ferencter. Change onto line 2 to go there for a Few stops to get to the Eastern Train Station.


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How do you reach railway station from budapest's airport terminal 2B?

Which train station? Eastern, southern, western or airport train station? (Keleti) (Déli) (Nyugati)

Where does train from Vienna to budapest arrive?

Commonly trains arrive at the Budapest-Keleti pu. coming from Vienna. That is the Eastern Railway Station.

Where does train from budapest to Vienna arrive?

in Wien westbanhof (vienna) and keleti palyudvar (budapest)

How much taxi will charge from airport to train st in budapest?

These larger railway stations in Budapest: south (Déli Pu.) west (Nyugati Pu.) east (Keleti Pu.) Kelenföldi (Kelenföldi) The international trains generally arrive and depart east (Keleti) train station. A taxi transfer price is usually 25 to 30 €. You should pre-book a taxi. If you look at my profile, then there is help.

How much is taxi from Kelati train station to Budapest airport?

Keleti train station to airport usually 25 to 30 € the price. Do not accept any offers from taxi drivers waiting around the station entrance. Do not belong to taxicab companies and charge much more than the usual. You should pre-book a taxi. If you look at my profile, then there is help. Regards,

How do you get from Keleti Train Station in Budapest to the Budapest Airport?

You should get a taxi. :) It is about 5 000 HUF, I guess. Or if you want to choose a much cheaper way take the metro at Keleti (this is the metro line 2, the red one) go to the Deák Ferenc square (from Keleti to Köbánya-Kispest the 3th or 4th station) there change the line and take the blue metro (the metro line 3) and go in direction Újpest till the Western Railway Station (Nyugati Pályaudvar). From there a lot of trains start which stop at Budapest Airport. The train stop at the Ferihegy 1. If you want to go to Ferihegy 2, you have to get (after leaving the train) the bus 200E and take a short travel - it is about 15 min. Put simply, with 3 BKV ticket and a train ticket you can reach Ferihegy less than an hour and less than 1500 HUF, I guess. The airport's name was changed! The new name: Liszt Ferenc Reptér/Airport

How can i get to budapest from wein?

by plane (Liszt Ferenc Airport) by train (East train station), by ship (Budapest International Pier) by taxi (If you look at my profile .)... :)

How do you get from Budapest airport to Blaha Luiza ter?

the space is very close to the East Railway Station. Check out the train station answers.

How can you get to nyugati train station from budapest airport?

Metro and bus. Metro number: 3 The bus number: 200 E

How do you get from Budapest Keleti Train Station to Budapest Airport?

Should you get a taxi. :) It is about 25 €. If you look at my profile, then there is help. Or public transport. The metro at the East (this is the metro line 2, the red one) go to the Deák Ferenc square, change the line there and take the blue metro (the metro line 3, the blue one) and go in direction Kőbánya Kispest. Go to the metro terminus. After leaving the metro station go to the bus. The bus number: 200E.

Is the train station city center in Lisbon or is there a station at the airport?

There are many train stations in Lisbon.The airport itself does not have one train station, but there is one close to it (Oriente Station). From the Airport to the station there is a direct metro\subway connection.

Does the metro line in budapest run to and from the airport?

Yes, but it's not really easy to use for outsiders not familiar with it.

How much is the taxi from Budapest airport to the train station?

Which train station?International trains arrive and depart East Station.A taxi transfer price is usually 25 to 30 €.You should pre-book a taxi. If you look at my profile, then there is help.Regards,

What is the distance from Edinburgh train station to airport?

Which station and which airport? You're not helping here!

Can you use US dollars in Budapest?

Some small businesses accept dollars, but it is better to convert your dollars to Hungarian Forints (in an airport, train station, or bank, for instance).

How far is nyugati Budapest from the airport?

Nyugati station is in the centre of Budapest (from where you can join Metro 3) and is about 10 kilometers from the airport. There is a new simple and efficient train service operating between the station and terminal 1, and it only costs 300HUF.22 kilometerPublic transport: 1 hour and 20 minutestaxi: 35 minutes

If there is train from Vienna airport to Budapest direct?

no. directly just you can use by bus.

How do you get to Penn Station in NYC from Newark Airport?

Take the Airport Monorail to the Newark Airport Train platform, buy a ticket to NY PENN STATION, wait for next train, get on and the last stop is NY PENN STATION.

What time is the first train to Eindhoven airport?

There is no train station close to Eindhoven airport. From the nearest train station (Eindhoven Beukenlaan) it's over an hour walk to the airport. You may consider taking a bus or a taxi.

What is the best way to get from Glasgow international airport to the Glasgow train station to catch a train to inverness?

Take a shuttle bus from the airport to Queen Street Station.

Can you get a train from frankfort Germany to colon Germany from frankfort airport?

yes there is a train station directly at Frankfurt airport

Is Edinburgh train station near Edinburgh airport?

The main Edinburgh train station is Edinburgh Waverley. It is not close to the airport. In fact there are no train stations close to the airport. The closest station is Edinburgh Haymarket. There are airport express buses (known as 'airlink' buses) which run from both Edinburgh train stations every 10 minutes or so throughout the day to the airport for £3-£5.

How do you get to Hann airport from the train station from Frankfurt?


What Transportation from Newark airport to Robert wood Johnson university hospital?

You can take a train from the airport to New Brunswick. The airport has a monorail to the train station. You would take the train south to New Brunswick. The train station in New Brunswick is one block from the hospital

Is there a train from Baltimore airport to Washington D.C.?

Yes. The Marc train runs from Penn. Station in Baltimore, through BWI Airport, to Union Station in Washington, DC.