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First remove tire to access brake caliper once this is done then look for the 2 bolts holding caliper to housing loose and get bolts to recess into caliper assembly .Once the bolts are recessed enough use a pry tool to remove caliper from housing and disc assembly. using a 4" or greater "C" clamp recess the caliper pistons (using the old inside brake pad). Slooowly push piston into caliper housing remove old pads install new pads. making sure not to twist brake hoses. Also at this time you may want to remove caliper cage assembly to remove front disc to be resurfaced (it may need to be replaced thedisc that is once this determination is made reassemble in reverse order. Oh,my bad I forgot to tell you to remove master cylinder cap to allow fluid to return to cylinder some time prior to removing caliper.

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Q: How do you get front brake pads off a 1998 Chevy Prizm?
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