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How do you get girls to notice you?

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Well, girls don't like it when boys try hard to impress them. Just be yourself. Absolutely don't try the flirting methods that involve hitting, kicking, punching, slapping etc... not because someone might get hurt but also because its just immature and childish.

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How do you get a Black guy to notice a girls feet?

You can't get him to notice your feet, he has to want to notice your feet.

What thing girls notice in men first?

Usually, girls notice a man's eyes first. Then, his hair and facial features.

What do girls notice in a guy?

Their looks

Why do guys get girls' attention?

the guys want the girls to notice them

What features does a boy notice when they look at a girl?


Do girls notice when their nipples ger hard?


How do shy girls get guys to ask them out?

Make them notice you.

Boys in girls clothing?

transgender or didn't notice

You like this guy he is in ninth and im in ninth so how do you get him to notice you?

Guys usually notice girls who talk to them.

Ways to get girls to notice you?

What you do is ask them how they are and buy them flowers and stuff

Do girls like being waved at?

Yes! it shows them that you notice them.

How many girls think they are overweight?

many girls think they are but some simply do not notice or care about the fact that they are.

What does nick like in a girl?

He likes nice girls but to really get him to notice you he really likes girls eyes

Why do boys muck around girls?

To make the girls notice them. If you do start talking to one he will quieten down.

Will Harry styles notice you if you were 12 or 7?

He will notice you if you are 12 or 7!Because he likes younger girls in fact he will love you

If a boy does not pay girls attention like other boys dodo girls notice that?

well it depends who or what the boy is paying attention to instead of girls...

You notice that your daughter is different from other girls her age?

How so? Is she shy or what?

If a girl doesn't notice can she still like you?

Of course, some girls are just afraid that if hey do notice you and you see them you might make fun of them. Who know mybe she likes you and is she. If she really doesn't notice you talk to her and get her to notice you!

How would you get One Direction to notice you? Sweden they did notice some girls, who just happened to be flashing, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to do that Sometimes they might just notice you, of you don't even notice them...hmm

What should you do to get girls to notice you?

Be yourself. Don't show off. Don't act like a tough guy. Try & be a real gentleman & not play up to your' mates. Ultimately though theres no particular way to get girls to notice you. Girls like different things:They're all individuals.

How do you make the the girls like or admire you?

It depends on what girl. Girls, like guys, have personal inerests and tastes in guys. Some girls notice guys with great hair, some notice guys with great bodies, some notice guys with great eyes. You can't be all-around perfect, so flirt a little! Great personality is a quality that most girls look for so be more interesting than the next guy. Don't lie, though. Girls hate that!

Do girls notice how you dress?

Heck yes! Keep your clothes looking nice!

How can nat wolf notice you?

Well, he likes girls that are beautiful,funny, and smart

Girls to notice you?

that's not even a question. that's a fragment with a question mark.

How do you get Harry Styles to notice you at a concert?

its every girls dream for harry styles to notice them. so I've done some research and he likes girls with pretty eyes. so i would wear some eyeliner on your top eye so your eyes will be brought out. and he likes girls who where pink! and i would also get a good seat at the concert because if u are at the back he will def not notice you.