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How do you get gloss paint out of your carpet?

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mix hot water and gin and wet the place were the paint is, the scrub away with the rough side of a sponge, will were paint stains down

2007-08-02 17:33:56
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How do you get gloss paint out of carpet?


What paint dries faster flat paint satin gloss or semi gloss?

semi gloss

Will glue stick to gloss paint?

Most glues will stick to gloss paint.

Can you paint gloss on gloss?

If they are the same base .

Can you paint semi gloss over flat paint?

Can I paint semi gloss over flat paint? Thanks!Barbara Phillips

Can you make matte paint into full gloss?

No, you cannot change the nature of a paint, but you can repaint over a matte paint with a gloss paint.

Do you use semi gloss or gloss to paint exterior on car?

Semi-gloss paint most times exposes the metal of your car. It can lead to rust and erosion issues. Gloss paint is definitely the way to go.

Can you paint oil base gloss over oil base gloss?

Yes, you can. You can always paint over with same paint.

Is high gloss paint always latex?

No, often high gloss paint is oil based.

Can you paint over gloss paint using emulsion paint?

If the gloss is enamel, or even a very shiny gloss latex, it will not adhere. As it gets really dry it will flake off.

How do you remove day old dried dark purple semi-gloss paint out of a light blue carpet?

You can try acetone (nail polish remover), but it will probably damage the carpet color.

33 gallonsof flat paint and 57 gallons of high gloss paint was sold what is the ratio of high gloss sold?

If the question is: What is the ratio of high gloss paint to flat paint sold, the answer is 57:33.

Do you paint baseboard moulding gloss or semi-gloss?

That is up to you. The more gloss a paint has in it, the easier it is to clean and the more abuse it can take. For the most part, ceilings are only flat.

What type of Krylon paint do you buy for Spray Paint art?

Gloss. You can use any type of spray paint for spray paint art, but be sure it is gloss.

What is the best gloss paint to use on cabinets?

wow, you sure came to the right person! i own a gloss paint company. for the best results, try my gloss paint. you can buy it on my website,

How do you get lip gloss out of my carpet?

Colgate toothpaste!

How do you make a semi gloss paint shinier?

Buy a small amount , depending on how much semi-gloss you have, of high-gloss paint in same color and mix it in.

How do you paint semi gloss?

To paint with Semi Gloss paint, you will first have to prime the walls. A primer is necessary to make the semi gloss paint stick. After allowing the primer the recommended time to dry, using a roller paint the walls as you would with any other paint, then let dry.

Can you paint high gloss paint over painted concrete walls?

Yes, as long as the surface is clean and gloss free there should be no problem applying a gloss paint over painted concrete walls.

Can you paint a semi gloss oil straight after you paint high gloss oil?

Do you mean can you paint over a fresh coat of oil base high gloss paint with oil base semi gloss paint? If so, not straight after. Be sure to wait until the first coat (high gloss) is dry completely. The same goes for nearly every coating when you are changing the type of finish.

What is gloss latex?

Latex paint with a 60 degree or better gloss.

Can you paint in a gloss latex paint with a acrylic base paint gloss latex?

Yes, just ensure that the surface is clean, grease free and dulled.

Can you paint over emulsion with gloss?

It is possible to paint over emulsion with gloss. To do this one will need to sand the emulsion first in order to give the gloss something to adhere to.

How do you get gloss paint out of a carpet?

== == It all depends on if it is latex paint or oil based paint..... I am not sure about oil paint................ For latex paint, you have a few options......the best for me is Dawn Power Dissolver. Test on an inconspicuous surface first! it works great though. Rubbing alcohol is another option.

Can you change flat paint into a satin or semi-gloss?

No, you can dull satin or semi-gloss but not the reverse.