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How do you get god of rock on GH3 on PS2?

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How do you get goofy goober rock on ps2 for gh3?

You have to download it yourself.

Do ps2 Guitar Hero guitars work on rock band?

the ps2 kramer (GH3) and the guitar hero 1&2 guitars work for ps2 rock band games

Is there a god of rock on gh3 Wii version?

no the god of rock is only available on ps3 and x box

What is the code for goofy goober rock on gh3 on ps2?

Goofy Goober Rock did not appear on Guitar Hero 3 for the PS2. It was a custom song that somebody put in their game.

Can gh3 on ps2 be used on your PC?

no PS2 game can be used on a PC

Can you use your ps2 guitar hero guitar for your PS3 rock band?

If you have a GH3 Wireless Les Paul guitar with a USB connection then, YES

Gh3 360 how to get the god of rock?

you can't unlock him you have to have a lot of money and beat the game then buy him from the store

What are a few of the cheats for Guitar Hero 3 For PS2?

wii and ps2 are the same thing in the game. on your computer type on "cheats for gh3 ps2" or "cheats for gh3 wii" either works. Note: 360 and ps3 get better stuff.

Can you put more songs on gh3?

Well on the PS2 version of GH3 (And maybe Xbox 360 not confirmed) you can buy songs and Nintendo said there could possibly be an update for more songs on GH3

How do you get a bot on gh3 for ps2?

stop cheating and play the game how its meant to be played

Do guitar hero controllers work for rock band?

It depends on which system you will be using. PS2: Yes XBOX360: Yes PS3: No, As of this time (11/27/2007) Harmonix is stating that Rock Band will not be compatible with the GH3 guitar but they may release a patch in the future. Apparently the PS3 GH3 controller uses a usb dongle which the Rock Band game does not have a driver for.

How much does Guitar Hero3 cost for ps2?

GH3 Legends of Rock is $11 new at amazon The wireless bundle is $60 new and 30-35 Like new

How do you get the god of rock in Guitar Hero 3 for ps2?

You can't get him God of Rock is only available for PS3 and XBOX 360

How do you unlock god of rock in guitar hero 3 for the playstation 2?

the god of rock is not on the ps2 version, hes only on the 360 & ps3.

Can you put your own songs on gh3 for ps2?

yes u can put ur own songs on it

A cheat code for infinite star power for gh3 for wii?

no, but it's a gameshark code for the ps2

Is there a Guitar Hero game for the playstation 2?

yes GH1 GH2 GH3 all can be used on the ps2

How do you get goofy goober rock on gh3?

beat every song on every diffulculty

Are all the rock bands for ps2?

No Rock Band 3 is not for PS2

How do you unlock the halo song on gh3 on ps2?

The Halo theme is exclusive downloadable content for the PS3. So it's not possible.

How do you use big gem cheat in gh3 on Xbox 360?

You can not use the cheat it's only avalible on the ps2 version.

God of war cheats for ps2?

THERE are NO cheats for GOD OF WAR on the PS2.

How t get Mario bros on gh3 legends of rock?

no idea but thattd be awesome dude

Is god Of war ps2?

Yes God of War is a PS2 version and so is God of War 2

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