How do you get gold on Gaia Online?

Post in any of the forums, vote in polls, play zOMG, watch videos in the VJ, vote in the arenas (art, avi ect...), or just explore the site. You can get gold by playing games, exploring gaia, or buying gaiacash cards. Also you can use tokens from the daily chance in slots and cards, which you can buy items with the tickets you get and you can sell those for money. You can also play fishing and sell your fish, play puzzles on expert and you get the puzzle you did and you can sell that, and privately although I don't suggest it you can bet on rallies. You can also make a quest thread. Ask your friends to post in the tread so that others will see it and possibly doante. If they don't donate, don't worry, they usually post a BUMP just to help you out. Or they say good luck. Donations help.