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How to Get Gold Out of Rocks

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  • Crush the rock to a sand-like consistency, then heat the sand past the melting point of gold. If it's real gold it will settle to the bottom. If it's fools' gold it will turn to iron and hydrogen sulfide gas and make a big stinky smell.
  • You can reduce the amount of material that needs to be heated by using a water separation system, much like the old gold panners used. Since the gold is heavier, the crushed sand will move while the heavier gold will work toward the bottom. The advantage to that is that the pyrite (fools gold) will often wash away with the sand, leaving a much smaller amount of sulphur to deal with.

The first method would be for testing if there is gold present, the second is the basis of extraction used in a crushing mill. NOTE: gold is not wetted by water, so no parts of a crushing mill are lubricated by petroleum compounds because the fine gold would float away in the oil. Usually molasses is used as a lubricant around gold machinery.

An additional method involves the above mentioned property of gold not being wetted by water. A slurry of finely crushed gold ore is fed into a tank where fine bubbles are used to rapidly stir the slurry. These bubbles will suspend fine gold which is skimmed from the froth.

Another method is to use Mercury to combine with the gold as an amalgam. This makes a lump of gold that is then heat refined and the mercury condensed for reuse. NOTE: mercury fumes are very dangerous and can lead to brain damage. This is not used much anymore mostly due to the expense of mercury and its hazards.

The most common beneficiation method used in commercial ores that consist of finely dispersed particles of gold, is the cyanide leaching process. This is where a fine slurry of gold ore is mixed with sodium cyanide, this solution has the rare ability to dissolve gold. The gold is then recovered by passing the liquid over zinc shavings and heating the zinc thus melting gold plated on the shavings. Huge piles of low grade ore are treated this way.

Since most gold mined actually comes from silver mines as a part of a solid solution series between gold and silver, nitric acid is used to remove the silver from the gold, with the silver then removed from the silver nitrate solution.

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Q: How do you get gold out of rocks?
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What kind of rocks make gold?

Rocks do not make gold. Gold is an elemental metallic mineral that can be found in a variety of rocks and sediments.

How much does gold rocks sell for?

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What kind of rocks can you find gold in?

you can find gold in lava rocks

What type of rocks are silver and gold?

They are elements not rocks

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What is gold mining?

Gold mining is digging for rocks to find gold.

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you get them from breaking rocksyou get them by breaking rocks!!!

What portion of the Moon's rocks is gold?

Zero. No gold was found in any of the rocks that have been brought back to earth.

Can you find real gold in rocks?

Better try alluvial rocks

How does the gold get?

it comes from rocks in the earth

What environment is gold found in?

victorias gold-bearing rocks are sandstones

What is the process for gold?

Gold is generally separated from rocks with sodium cyanide.

What rocks does gold form in?

They are found in sedimentary rocks mostly in sediment deposits.

How do you extract gold from ore?

Gold is formed independently from rocks so unlike iron or copper there is no 'ore' to extract it from. In general gold is acquired by finding nuggets in rocks. The gold is simply chipped off from the rock. It is extremly difficult if not impossible to extract the small traces of gold that can be found in many rocks and as far as i am aware no commercial technique for acccquiring such gold.

Why gold found as pure elements in rocks?

Gold does not readily react with other elements, so it is often found in 'pure' form, also the rocks surrounding the gold prevent it from oxidation.

What rocks can gold scratch?

Pure gold has a hardness of about 2.5 on the Moh's Scale, so it's safe to say that the vast majority of rocks could not be scratched by it. Gypsum and talc are a couple of very, very soft rocks that could be scratched by gold.

Where can you sell gold found in rocks?

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What is the process for purifying gold?

Gold is generally separated from rocks with sodium cyanide.

What is the process of make a gold?

Gold is generally separated from rocks with sodium cyanide.

Is gold a homogeneous mixture?

Yes . It is . Because gold is not purely gold , there are others that are mixed like rocks .

What rocks have gold in them?

Quartz is the main host rock for Gold. You can also find gold that has eroded out of the rock.

Is gold common in nature?

yes gold was in certaint rocks and in the past people would gold mine

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