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eat or drink stuff with lots of protein in it,such as peanut butter eggs milk tuna ect.also do crunches and leg lifts.its better to 20 good ones than 1000000000 bad ones.also avoid snatching while dooing crunches. also dont just do like 5 and take a them until you cant stop 3 times a day. sit ups are probally the worst thing to do. they are pretty good for your abbs but they give you a hunched back also lower abbs:leg lifts upper abbs: crunches

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The techniques required to have great abbs?

work out

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the most official way to get abbs is to do sit ups

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6 pack which is common slang for abdominal muscles or abbs

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Malcolm Abbs has written: 'Finger & thumb keep moving' -- subject(s): British Broadcasting Corporation

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Yes i am a beast! I have a six pack!

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abbs rule

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I don't knowSorry

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