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If you have to wear contacts.

Get hazel eye-colored ones! xD

Unfortunately AND fortunately, i don't have to wear contacts or glasses. welll, mummy and daddy have sex, genes go together, and voila you got hazel eyes! x

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Are hazel eyes gray?

Hazel eyes are hazel eyes. People with hazel eyes are commonly said to have gray eyes. People who have gray eyes are commonly mistaken for having hazel eyes.

How can a baby have hazel eyes?

god can give it hazel eyes

Are blue eyes or hazel eyes prettier?

Hazel eyes are prettier than blue eyes.

What colour is Kelly Clarkson eyes?

It is in her song. Behind These Hazel Eyes. She has hazel eyes. Hazel is a kind of golden brown.

Do Irish people have hazel eyes?

Yes Irish people can have hazel eyes. Truth I that I have hazel eyes and I am Irish and proud of it.

What color eyes do green and hazel eyes make?

Green + Hazel = eyes like mine. my eyes are hazel but will turn green or brown depending on what the lighting is.

Does Zayn Malik like hazel green eyes if not what?

He has hazel eyes

What color eyes has Kelly Clarkson?

It says so in her song Behind These Hazel Eyes. She has hazel eyes. Hazel is a kind of golden brown.

What color eyes will the child have father has hazel eyes mother has brown eyes?

brownish hazel

Do women love hazel eyes?

Electric coloured eyes are the best ! ...But hazel eyes are cute(;

How can you tell if your eyes are green or hazel?

Well, having hazel eyes myself I would say that green eyes are usually lighter than hazel eyes and more even. You have hazel eyes if you have yellow toned eyes or if you have a combination of green, grey or blue altogether but green is dominant. Alson if you have eyes that are brown in the middle and green on the outside then you have hazel eyes.

My father has green eyes and my mother has hazel eyes.what color are my eyes?


What was color of Eric Fleming's eyes?

Eric Fleming's eyes were Hazel.

When was Behind Hazel Eyes created?

Behind Hazel Eyes was created in 2004.

What is the genotype for hazel eyes?

Hazel eyes are not highly common. They are eyes that can change color from brown to green, and somewhere in between. A genotype of Gg would produce hazel eyes.

What Things are hazel in colour?

eyes are hazel

Can your hazel eyes turn brown?

Yes. Hazel eyes are often brown eyes with green coloring in them.

Can Parents that have hazel eyes have a daughter with brown eyes?

Yes. Often hazel eyes are brown eyes with green coloring in them.

What color eyes will the baby have if the father has brown eyes and the mother has hazel eyes?

well the is most likely to get brown eyes. however if the mothers parents eye are hazel. it means the hazel eyes are carried every generation via genes. but if her parents don't have hazel eyes the baby is most likely to get brown eyes Too many genes are involved to predict, but probably brown or hazel. My parents have blue/grey and hazel eyes and I have grey eyes. My in-laws had blue and brown eyes and my husband has quite dark hazel eyes. All three of our children have dark brown eyes.

If your dads eyes are hazel and your moms or blue what colour should your eyes be?

Hazel and blue are both recessive traits (meanings an individual must have both blue alleles to have blue eyes; the same for hazel). So, if your mom has blue eyes and your father has hazel eyes, you have a 50% chance of having blue eyes and a 50% chance of having hazel eyes. And a chance of brown!

What is Kelly Clarkson Eyes?

They are Hazel. Why do you think she wrote the song 'Behind These Hazel Eyes'?

What can you compare hazel eyes to?

You can compare hazel eyes to cocoa, tree bark, and chocolate.

My eyes are hazel with freckle's in them are they rare?

i dunno but my eyes are hazel with freckles in them too :D

Do boys like hazel eyes?

Yes, I am male with hazel color eyes and I like them.

Can a purebred Burmese cat have hazel eyes?

No, a purebred Burmese cat does not have hazel eyes.