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You have to play the game and if your score is the highest out of everyone that has played it that day than you get the high score!

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โˆ™ 2011-05-21 16:34:49
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Q: How do you get high score of the day on webkinz on the game polar plunge?
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Is Webkinz fun?

Yes Webkinz is very fun! The webkinz are so cute and i love playing on Webkinz! I have only two but i am hoping to get more! I am 16 and my sister is 21 and we play... I love webkinz too! I have 18 of them and i have been playing for years! My favorite game is polar plunge!

Webkinz if you dont get a high score on a game will your pet hate you?

No, your Webkinzs affection towards you will remain the same, as it is usually very hard to get the high score in most games.

Is there a Webkinz trainer?

By "Webkinz trainer" do you mean- how to play the Webkinz game?

What kind of game give out webkinz codes?

the only way to get a webkinz code is to buy a webkinz and it comes with a code there is no game that comes with a code.

Is Webkinz a good game?

webkinz is the worst game in history i started playing when i was six i stopped playing when i was six

Is Webkinz bad?

I think webkinz is a horrible game its always down it is horrible NEVER PLAY IT IT STINKS! IT SUCKS. HATE ON WEBKINZ TO MANY ADDS ITS THE WORST5 GAME EVER!

Can you please give me an unused webkinz code my mom wont let me get one?

The webkinz game lol of course i mean the webkinz game!!!! :(

WHERE CAN You find webkinz games for ds?

There is no Webkinz Nintendo DS game.

What games can you play on webkinz that hand out tropheys for a high score?

I'm sorry but none do. But if you want trophies for beating the game you can ask that question right in webkinz world. Just go to the kinzville times and click in one of the boxes in the right corner that says something to the affect of questions.

What type of game is atlantiles on webkinz?

I think it is a Puzzle Game.

Where do you get a webkinz bookmark in the game webkinz?

You can't get a bookmark on the website Webkinz, but if you buy one in real life, it comes with a code that will allow you to unlock something on Webkinz.

How do you submit your score on millsberry?

after the game is finished you have to click on submit score or send score and if the game is not over yet and you want to quit the game and submit the score how it is then you click end game then send score or submit score.

In the Pizza Game on Webkinz it keeps going to charm forest in the middle of the game?

either webkinz needs fixed or your computer has a virus

How can you get money on webkinz?

Webkinz is an online game where you have to take care of animals. You can get bonus items by using Webkinz money. You can buy game cards online, and in various stores around the country in various amounts.

Is Webkinz a girl game?

Not at all! I know alot of boys who have webkinz accounts. Definetly not!

Is Webkinz a video game for kids?

Yes buy a pet enter the code onlinbe and then love and take care of your webkinz on Webkinz World

Can you play webkinz on samsung galaky tab 2?

No, you can only play webkinz on, but they also have a game on Facebook called webkinz friends.

What is webkinz w shop live where can you find it and how much does it cost?

The Webkinz W-Shop is in the game of Webkinz where players can purchase whatever it is that they need.

Any websites like webkinz?

There's a game called Club Penguin like Webkinz.

Can you play webkinz on the wii?

No there has been no Webkinz video game realesed.

Is webkinz a baby game?

no not at all

How do you win the webkinz jellybean game?

To win the Webkinz Jellybean Game, you have to guess how many Jellybeans there are in the Jellybean Jar. Good Luck! visit my website at for all your webkinz questions answered.

How do you get a Webkinz free off the internet?

You can't you have to buy it! The Webkinz is a plush toy that is purchased with a code to get into the game. You can't play the game without purchasing the toy.

What is the Webkinz diamond apple?

The webkinz diamond apple, was a prize you could get in a game for Snow white on webkinz, for one day only. Its not very rare, but retired ;)

Where can you buy webkinz items?

On earth you buy them at JUSTICE and on the game Webkinz you buy them at the W-shop!See'Ya!