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Mold is usually excluded from coverage. Read your policy; if same is not excluded, it is included.

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Will homeowners insurance pay to remove mold?


Does homeowners insurance cover your mortgage if you are laid off?

No. This is not what homeowners insurance is for. Homeowners insurance is to pay for physical damage to your home and contents.

Will your homeowners insurance cover black mold?

Most every Insurance policy in the United states now specifically exclude mold or damage resulting from mold. In order to get mold coverage you have to request that coverage be added to your policy if your Insurer offers it and pay the additional premium for it.

What does homeowners insurance pay for in case of damage to your house?

Your Homeowners insurance policy will pay for damages that result from the covered perils specified on your insurance policy subject to the policy limits and any deductibles listed therein.

What do you do if your insurance wont pay for damage after a storm you have homeowners insurance but the insurance company is in dispute of the ammount of damage?


Is the furnace covered by homeowners insurance?

Yes a furnace is covered property under a homeowners insurance policy. However, the key to whether the policy will pay for damage is the cause of the damage. This is always the key to coverage.

Does homeowners insurance cover galvanized pipe?

Sure, as long as the damage was from a covered cause. The key to homeowners insurance is that the damage is due to a covered cause. If you a re searching to see if your insurance will pay for replacing the pipe because of lack of maintenance, no it will not. Maintenance is not covered on a homeowners policy.

Does my homeowners insurance cover damage to my property caused by tree roots from a neighbor's tree?

Yes, but you would have to pay what your homeowners deductible.

Your house has termite and roof damage and mold can the home insurance pay for it?

Most Homeowners Insurance Policies do pay roof repairs if damaged by a covered peril so long as its not a worn out roof or pre existing condition. Mold and Termite or other common household pests are not covered unless specified in the named perils or by endorsement. The best chance of getting Homeowners "All Risk" coverage is buy purchasing a Homeowners HOC or HO3 all risk policy.

Do you claim slashed car tires on homeowners or auto insurance?

Slashed tires coverageYou will need to file the claim under your Auto Insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance does not pay for car damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

How do you get insurance for external damage to homeowners association buildings?

Any damage to the association building can be collected through the tenants of the association. The tenants insurance will pay a limited amount for the repairs.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage to walls and floors if caused by woodpeckers?

Probably not. Homeowners usually do not pay for damage caused by pets, wear and tear nor common maintenance issues.

How can homeowners insurance pay for homeowners association dues if i cannot pay?

It won't. Homeowners insurance is protection from sudden accidental losses, it does cover association dues.

Does home insurance pay for home equity line of credit when you have a house fire?

No, it won't pay your mortgage note or your equity line note, but your homeowners insurance will pay to repair the fire damage to your home.

Will my homeowners insurance pay for damage due to water leaks?

In most instances it seems not. When getting home insurance make sure to specify you want water damage insurance as well and GET IT IN WRITING BEFORE YOU AGREE TO THE POLICY!

Does homeowners insurance cover attic restoration?

Certainly not. Homeowner's insurance does not pay for renovation to any part of your home unless it was damaged and the damage was due to a covered cause. And, in the case of damage, the insurance will strive to replace, not improve the situation.

Is any insurance for fire damages?

Fire damage insurance is usually a part of your homeowners or renters insurance. Depending on your desired level of coverage, it may be necessary to pay an additional premium.

Does homeowners insurance cover the owner if injured by intruder?

No. Homeowners insurance covers many many things but it is not health insurance. It does not pay for injuries to the homeowners for any reason whatsoever.

What happens if you cannot afford the homeowners insurance deductible?

Normally when you buy a house, you will be required to get home owner's insurance and pay a deductible. If you can pay the deductible, you may lose your homeowners insurance.

Will homeowners insurance pay for structural damage caused by a contractor or sue the contractor on my behalf?

HO insurance policies are typically all risk and as such would cover such loss

Does homeowner insurance pay for mold removable?

For the most part, only if the mold is a result of a roof leak or major storm damage. If you live in a flood plain, you can purchase an additional insurance policy specifically for flood damage that would cover mold removal from floodwaters. If the mold is due to plumbing problems, neglect or other issues, your home owner insurance policy will probably not cover it.

What types of coverage is covered in most homeowners insurance policies?

It depends on the plan you select and how much you pay for home insurance. It usally covers fire damange, water damage, natural disaster damage and theft.

Can you get home owners insurance after two hail and wind damage claims?

Yes, you can still get homeowners insurance. If you live in a high risk area for windstorm damage, you'll just have to pay more than you did in the past.

My son damage someones car on the street with his bike can i get my car insurance to pay for it?

I assume that you mean his bicycle and not a motorcycle or motor scooter. If you mean bicycle the answer is no, your auto policy will not cover the damage to the other persons vehicle. Your homeowners insurance may have coverage that would take care of this type of damage. I would recommend that find out what it will take to repair the damage and attempt to pay for it yourself without having to make a claim on your homeowners insurance. You want to try to not make small claims on your insurance if at all possible.

Will homeowners insurance pay for mold removal if it was caused by insulation in crawl space?

mold cannot be caused by insulation - likely location of insulation and cause of moisture will need to be determined for coverage analysis - contact your agent