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How do you get hot air to come out when the heater is on?


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First check the water level. Low level will not get to the heater core. Change the thermostat. If you recently changed the thermostat, bleed the coolant system.


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If a 2001 VW Beetle does not have hot air coming from the heater there is a problem with the vehicles heating system. The heater core is malfunctioning and will need to be replaced.

if its not a forced air water heater then yes its should be hot but not red hot.

just had an rac bloke come check my car which was actually overheting,but also suffering from no hot air coming through the heater when switched to hot. he found it to be the thermostat.

Hot air balloons have a gas heater that is generally powered by propane. When the pilot turns the heater on, the balloon will fly high due to the hydrocarbon chamber that allows the pilot control of ascent and descent of the hot air balloon.

The heater fan ONLY blows the air, it does not make the temperature of that air. Your heater temperature controls how hot the air is. Adjust your heater temperature for hotter or cooler air.

when the air dont come on when its hot its because theres no air getting into the car and the car starts to get hot

possible clogged or damaged heater core

No. If you have hot water heat, you also have a separate air handler for the AC to circulate the air.

yes the fan does spin when the heater is on. this allows the hot air to be pumped through the house and the new air to be heated.

May be a defective thermostat or heater core

Inside an electric convector heater there is a large heating element similar to - but bigger than - one of the elements inside a bread toaster.When the electricity is switched on the element gets hot and heats up the air that is all around it.Because hot air is lighter than cold air, the hot air rises up and comes out, into the room, through the grilles at the top of the heater. Cold air from the room moves in through the grilles at the bottom of the heater to take the place of the hot air, and this process continues for as long as the heater is switched on.Any movement of air in that way - cold air taking the place of hot air moving up - is called "convection", which is why the appliance is called a convection heater.Electric fan heaters work in a different way: they have a powerful electric fan inside, which sucks in cold air from the room. The fan then blows the air through an electrically heated element and that hot air then comes out of the fan heater into the room.

The heater might not put out hot air if it is not getting enough oxygen to actually light the burner. There could be a problem with the ventilation for the heater or with the thermal coupler that tells the burner when to ignite.

If there is a restricted air flow through a heater, yes a heater can get hot enough to start a fire.

heater core plugged or air locked check to see if hoses going to heater core are hot

the hot air from the heater rises forcing the cooler air out. this makes the balloon go up. this is convection

Have you checked your coolant levels?Simply put, the heater runs by blowing past the hot coolant pipes and gives you warm air.

What causes heat to only come out of the defrost and vent but not the floor of a 1995 S10 Blazer?

After the engine is warm up and hot - feel the water hoses to the heater and test if they are HOT- HOT. NO?- The water valve may not be letting hot water go to the heater core.

Heater control valve stuck open. Possible blend air door failure.

It may have a bad heater core.

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