Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How do you get houndoom in emerald?

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in safari zone

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How do you get houndoom in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

You need to get its little evolded form of houndoomYou would have to trade a houndoom from colosseum or emerald.

Where can you find a Houndoom in Pokemon Emerald?

Exclusively found in Area 2 of the Safari Zone. Note that Houndoom is not available in Ruby or Sapphire - only Emerald.

Where can you find houndoom in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot find Houndoom in Pokemon FireRed and will need to trade with Pokemon Emerald to get one. Houndoom itself can't be caught in Pokemon Emerald but it's pre-evolved form Houndour can be caught in the extended Safari Zone.

What level does houndour evolve in emerald?

Houndour evolves at level 24 into Houndoom.

Do houndoom really learn fartbomb in emerald?

no hounddoom do not really learn fartbomb in emerald as the move does not exist sources: serebii, smogon

How can you catch hondome on ruby?

Unfortunatley, you can't catch Houndoom on Ruby. You need to trade it from Emerald. On Emerald, you can find Houndour in the Safari Zone Extention (after you beat the Elite Four go to the place where the two guys where blocking the path).However,it is a rare pokemon, and you need to be patient. Houndoom must evolve from Houndour because Houndoom can't be found in the wild.

How do you find a houndoom on Pokemon Ruby?

Houndoom cannot be found in Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire; you must trade to obtain it. Houndour, which evolves into Houndoom, can be found in Pokémon Emerald, in the new section of the Safari Zone which opens after you beat the Elite Four. You can also find Houndour in Pokémon XD or Houndoom in Pokémon Colosseum and trade them to Ruby.

How do you get houndoom in Pokemon emerald?

you cant you can only get the first form in the safari zone only by beating the Pokemon league

Can you catch Houndour in Ruby?

No. Houndour is available in Emarald,though.Therefore,you must ccatch Houndour in Emerald and evolve it if you want Houndoom.

What does houndoom evolve into?

Houndoom does not evolve

Does houndoom evolve?

No Houndoom does not evolve. BLAZE

Is houndoom a fire Pokemon?

Houndoom is Dark- Fire

Which Pokemon is better Crobat or houndoom and why?

houndoom is way better

Where do you get houndoom in pokemon soulsilver?

Sorry houndour and houndoom are in hg

What moves does Houndoom learn?

houndoom learns flamethrower at level 50.

Is Houndoom a basic Pokemon?

No, Houndoom evolves from Houndour at level 24.

What type of Pokemon is Houndoom?

Houndoom is a Dark and Fire type pokemon.

What level does houndoom learn crunch?

Houndoom learns Crunch at level 54.

Does Houndoom evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

No. Houndoom is the final form of Houndour. It does not evolve.

What level does houndoom evolve on pokemon black?

Houndoom can't evolve anymore.

What level does houndom evolves in emerald?

houndoom doesnt evolve, but if you actually mean houndour, it evolves at any level if you get it from the safari zone 1 rare candy=one evolution

When does houndoom have an egg in Pokemon platinum?

If it is with another houndoom or ditto it shouldn't take that long.

When does Houndoom learn Flamethrower in Pokemon Platinum?

Houndoom learns Flamethrower at lvl 48.

In Pokemon what level does houndoom learn flamethrower?

In Platinum version Houndoom learns Flamethrower at level 48. in diamond and pearl Houndoom also learns it at level 48.

How do you get a houndoom in Pokemon Platinum?

You can get Houndoom in Pokemon Platinum by evolving Houndour. Houndour can be found on Route 214 and Valor Lakefront! Houndour will evolve into Houndoom at level 24.