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How do you get in a girl's pants?

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The same way you would a guy's pants. You put one leg at a time in, then pull them up and zip them. But you may look a bit silly in them, especially if they're very feminine looking.

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Are skirts pants for girls?

No. Pants for girls are called pants. Skirts are not pants.

Do girls wear tight pants and spanx?

Some girls do wear tight pants with Spanx underneath the pants.

What do girls have in their pants?

Girls have the same thing what guys have in there pants, legs, underpants and their genetalia.

How do you get in girls pants?

Ask the girl to lend you her pants. Then put them on.

How do you get girls pants off?

Diferent girls like different things, find out what they want and use it to get their pants off

Are there a lot of girls who always wear pants?

A medium amount of girls feel uncomfortable in skirts and dresses and stick to pants.

What do you find when you look down my pants?

You'll find a dick in a Mans pants and a Vagina in a Girls pants.

How many pages are there in Girls in Pants the Third Summer of the Sisterhood?

Answer416 pages are in Girls in Pants the Third Summer of the Sisterhood paperback copy.352 pages are in Girls in Pants the Third Summer of the Sisterhood hardcover copy

Do girls pee in pants?


Do girls wet their pants?

Yes, they do.

What does leather pants do to girls?


What do girls have down there pants?

their underwear

In The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants what was written on the traveling pants?

The girls all wrote something important they did in the pants on the side of them.

Do girls flash their pants?

Some girls do it intentionally and do it wrong. They shouldn't.

What are those girls sweat pants with the red tags on the back?

They are called Hartail pants

How often do girls pee their pants?

never after the age of 6. how often do you pee your pants?

Why do girls pee their pants?


What celebrity girls pee their pants?


Why do girls where sweat pants?

Because they are comfortable.

How do you get your hand in a girls pants?

Get a girlfriend first

What pants look good on 10 year old girls?

Ten year old girls look good in just about any kind of pants.

Sisterhood of the traveling pants summary?

These girls find pants that fit them all and they lived happily ever after with their magical pants and unicorns.

What color underwear should girls wear with white pants?

Why? Dont wear pants at all.

Are saggy pants cool?

obviously yer because you can show off your pants and it gets you the girls

Why dont the duggar girls wear pants?

Because they believe that it is immodest to wear pants. the girls assume that they are allowed to wear pants if they wanted to, but because they always wear skirts, the decide to just stick with it. hope this helped! =]