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well if you use common sense you can get contact with him bye calling or going to his house where he live.

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Who is neyo got childer if so what is the childer name and what do they look like where is neyo from who is neyo lyrics be on you by neyo?

i am shontell i am black and gutto

Is neyo really married to a man?

No neyo is not he is a beast rapper look on youtube neyo amilli freestyle. oh and by the way neyo is straight.

Who is neyo?

Neyo is a singer who is so cute

Is neyo bi?

no neyo is not bi he has a girl friend

What is the sexuality of neyo?

Neyo is straight! He loves women!

Is neyo a freemason?

It has not been reported that singer NeYo is a freemason. NeYo has however been rumored to be a member of the Illuminati.

Is neyo Nigerian?

Neyo was born in Camden u.s state Arkansas

Do Beyonce and neyo go out?

beyonce and neyo have never gone out before.

Who would win in a fight Kanye or neyo?

Neyo * Kanye kanye

How many albums does neyo have?

4 but keep it going neyo ty

What neyo song did justin bebier sing?

neyo -so sick

Is r and b singer neyo gay?

No neyo is not gay! He loves his girls.

In the music video of Mad by neyo does the little boy and neyo die or just the little boy If neyo does die how did he?

Neyo is still alive and the little boy is still alive and the thing that caused fighting between Neyo and the ladie is that they had a party before that day and they were arguing and from talking it turned to screaming then to shouting

Is the singer Neyo a high baritone or a tenor?

Neyo i a homo-sex-yool. Period.

Does neyo have kids?


Did neyo get killed?


Is Neyo Illuminati?


Has neyo got a wife if yes what is her name?

Neyo has not got a wife and never has so far.

What religion is neyo?

Neyo is most deffinatly no bisexual, he likes woman listen to his songs they are not about men

Who sang closer?


Are rihanna and neyo related?


Who is neyo wife?

he is not married

What is a or the neyo website?

Does neyo have a sister?


Does neyo take drugs?


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