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How do you get in to change dash lights on a Corsa 1993?


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2011-09-13 03:02:02
2011-09-13 03:02:02

ok basically, you start by getting some new bulbs, these are called twist bulbs, u can buy them from any halfords or car shop, u can also buy them online, from an Opel dealer, they are quite cheap to buy.

you then go to your dashboard and undo the two screws either side of your steering wheel, usually the scres are covered by black gromets just peel them off. You then need to undo the third screw located under the steering wheel, its at an awkward angle but easily unscrewed. once undone, you then take the plastic from around the steering wheel, which leaves it wide open, you also need to remove the gaitors from the stalks as they are attached to the plastic trims.

Then above the speedo is another screw which will then remove the whole dash board area covering the instrument panel. sounds a lot but u will know what i mean when you see it.

then you need to unscrew the instrument panel and pull it away from the dashboard, this is the tricky bit because u need to hold a torch in ur mouth to see behind the instrument panel, the reason for this is because you have to unclip the speedometer cable from the back, its clipped on by a clip, if you use a screwdriver to push the clip off the whole instrument panel will come out, leaving you with the bulbs in view, all you do then is twist the bulbs out and replace them all with new ones. there is about 6 or 7 in there so make sure you have enough, also beware because there is small bulbs and three large ones, the three large ones are your main dial lights the others are the warning lights ie...oil, battery, engine managment, fuel, handbrake so on...make sure the bulbs go in the same way they came out, once that's done replace the instrument panel into the dashboard and turn the ignition on, test the bulbs before putting the dash back together or u may have to do it all over again.

make sure you also put the speedometer cable back into its location and clip it together because otherwise u wont know what speed your doing and that's illegal lol. then basically reverse what you did to put the dash back together again. and presto, ur new lights are done, i know this because i als have a corsa and i changed the bulbs to blue led ones.

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