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How do you get information on Section 8 housing in Gwinnett County Georgia?


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Check with the local housing authority there.

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While each Housing Authority has its own rules by which someone must apply for a housing choice voucher or public housing, the section 8 program is a federal program: so the rules are basically the same everywhere.

Check with you local Housing Authority there.

Call the Georgia HAP Administrators and also check with your local housing authority.

Very easy: list your house as you normally would, and post in your listing that section 8 is okay. Ensure that the house or property meets the standard, known as housing quality standards, for section 8 acceptance. Consult with your local housing authority for more information about this.

By looking to the AD's, this should start you off without a problem. Just enter some information and your living area address preferences.

Yes. There are few exclusions to income for section 8 housing purposes. Consult the section 8 information booklet for your state for more information.

Yes, there is a physical section 8 housing list when you apply. You can read more information at

Yes they do. When you apply for section 8 you give permission for Housing Authority to access that information.

Section 8 housing, yes. Go down to the county that you live in and ask for a Section 8 housing form. Fill it out with all the appropriate information and the housing authority will decide if you're eligible.

To apply for public housing or Housing Choice (AKA Section 8) vouchers, you will need to visit your local public housing authority along with your income details.

There are several sites the have great information about section 8 housing. Try or, or

Section 8 website has information on the housing authority and links to show you how to apply. You can get more detailed information from the links listed for each city.

The qualifications for the section 8 program are the same in every state, and is governed by federal regulations (HUD), and is administered by local and regional housing authorities (some states may have statewide housing authority). Search this site for qualifications.

There are a couple of different section 8 waiting lists that are open in Georgia. The first one is called The DCA Rental Assistance Program. The second one is called Clarion Housing.

The best place to go is to your section 8 housing authority in your local municipality. You can also look for more information online by typing in the city you live in and then check for section 8 housing that way also.

Section 8, or the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is a Federal housing program which provides housing assistance to low-income renters and homeowners. This assistance comes in the form of rental subsidies, limiting the monthly rent payment of the assistance recipient. Here you find the information.

A few websites were located that should be helpful for your friend. These are as follows:

The Oklahoma City Housing Authority has an official website that has a tab just for Section 8 Housing. Under the tab there is a long list of everything about Section 8, including a list of rentals.

section 8 is a housing program for low income families. which is much better than public housing,You must have heard in the Military section 8 means your crazy.Sothe housing should have picked a better term so its not demeaning. "Section 8" refers to the act of Congress which created it. It was established as part of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. The part of that Act which created this program was an amendment of Section 8 of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937. Hence the name "Section 8 Housing".

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Check with that area for specific information.

Yes Boston does have section 8 housing. Check out the Boston Housing Authority web page to see if you qualify.

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