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How do you get information on a Crescent Firearms 20 gauge double barrel shotgun with hammers?


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July 15, 2015 9:37PM

There's not a lot of information available. Crescent was formed in 1892 and purchased by H&D Folsom the following year but operated as a separate company. Much of the Crescent production was sold through Folsom's retail and wholesale operations under a miriad of trade names. In the period from about 1928 to 1932 Crescent and several other arms makers were bought, sold, and merged, and eventually became part of the J. Stevens division of Savage Arms. Stevens apparently continued to produce some guns with the Crescent or Crescent-Davis names for a few years after that. Crescent first used fluid steel barrels in the late 1890's and began production of hammerless guns in 1903, but twist barrels were still used until WWI shut off the import of arms from Belgium and the open hammer designs were probably still being made into the 1930's.