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Leather is pourous, and the ink may well be permanantly set. Any chemical you use to try to remove the spot may damage the leather even more. If the leather is ruined anyway, you may try hairspray as a last-ditch effort to dissolve the ink. You may also try denatured alcohol if the hairspray does not work.

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Is it better to have a cloth or leather office chair?

A leather office chair will be easier to clean and wont stain.

How do you remove ink stains from bonded leather?

I don't know what bonded leather is but rubbing alchohol removes ink pen stains from leather furniture.

Is the covering on Boss Chair B809 Executive Guest Chair leather or vinyl?

The Boss Chair covering is indeed leather, but it's a very subtle, pleasant look.

How do you clean a white leather chair?

You could try leather polish.

What is red and made of leather?

My chair.

What chemical does best for a ink stain on white leather shoes?

I wear a lot of leather and have never found anything to take pen or ink out.

Did anyone purchase a leather chair that has a bad odor?

Yes, I did. Where did you purchase your chair?

What is the best kind of leather furniture available?

I strongly believe that a leather chair is the best kind of leather furniture available. specificly a Lazyboy leather chair. They are great for sitting in the living room and reading a book or watching tv.

Can you use alcohol to clean ink off of leather?

Yes you can but it will have the effect of drying out the leather and possibly discolouring the area. Baby oil is very effective as it thins the ink and treats the leather simultaneously

How do you get ink off leather?

Try Hairspray:)

Can hair dye be removed from leather chair?


Which is the most ergonomic desk chair?

Fastrack 503 Deluxe Leather Posture Chair is an ergonomic desk chair.

How do you fix a hole on leather chair?

first you get that kind of mateiral and then you put leather over it

Which looks classifer for an executive desk chair, leather or cloth?

When choosing an executive desk chair I would go with leather. Not only will leather look better it is very durable and easy to keep clean.

How much should you pay for a really good office chair?

Their are office chair with leather, speakers, back massagers, and so on and so on. So it depends on what your are looking for. You can pay as much for $1,500 a nice leather chair.

Who makes Restoration Hardware leather buster chair?

Mitchell Gold is the company that manufactured this chair.

Which office chair is best for a law office?

An attorney should have a high back leather chair.

How do you remove water based ink from leather sofa?

It's very difficult because leather absorb ink easily. I recommend that you cover the spot with a new stripe of leather, making the same on the set of sofas. The pattern of the new stripe of leather mustn't equal to the original sofa's leather.

How do get cigarette smoke out of a leather chair?

You can have the leather cleaned commercially, or you can put it someplace where it can air for a period. Most of the smell is in the padding, which sucks in smoke like a bellows when you get out of the chair.

What kind of leather chair is in Charlie's living room on Two and a Half Men?

It is a "Charles of London" style leather chair known for the distinctive styling on the "ears" of the back cushion.

How do you tattoo leather and not smear the ink when cleaning it off?

Wipe the leather down first with vasoline. Worked for me.

How do I take care of leather chair?

Keeping your leather chair clean can be accomplished by wiping daily with a dry cloth and vacuuming corners as needed. Water and many soaps are not intended for leather. Always read the care instruction tag on leather furniture and follow the manufacturers suggestions

How were the customs for popes in the Medieval times?

How to remove ink on leather

How do you remove sticky substance from your leather chair?

You take a pee on it.

What products can I use to condition my leather chair?

When cleaning your leather, make sure you use a water based leather cleaner. You can find something called LLT Leather Shampoo that will help to maintain your leather.