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How do you get inside the house with no doors in Pokemon Emerald?

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Sorry, but it's impossible!

2006-09-03 11:28:06
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Where is the contest house in slateport city in the game Pokemon Emerald?

there is no contest house in Pokemon emerald

Where do you get beldum in Pokemon emerald?

After you beat the League and go to steven's house and there is a pokeball on the table.It has a beldum inside it.

How can you tell if your Pokemon in happy in Pokemon Emerald?

You head to Vendaturf town and go into the house left of Wall's uncles house. Talk to the person inside and she will ask to see your Pokemon. She will then tell you how much the Pokemon likes you.

How do you get the hmo1 in Pokemon emerald?

HMO1 is Cut you can find it in Rustboro City in a house in the West .Talk to man inside.

Where do you get beds in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't buy beds in Pokemon emerald. (one is in your house!!!!!)(and on the S.S.fairy

Is steven behind the trees inside a house in Pokemon emerald?

no he is in meteor falls srry 4 spelling errors if there is some

How do you get a pokeblock case in Pokemon emerald?

You can find it inside the Contest House in Lilycove City. Talk to the little girl inside, and she'll give you a PokeBlock Case

Where is Scott's house in Pokemon Emerald?

he elite four he no have house

Where is billys house on Pokemon Emerald?


Where do you get dive in emerald pokemon?

From steven at his house.

Where is the namerater's house in Pokemon Emerald?


Where exactly on route 114 is the tm28 found on Pokemon emerald?

its in a house up top. go inside and talk to the little boy

Where is the name raters house in Pokemon emerald?

His house is just left of the Pokemon centre in slateportcity.

Where can you find Ditto before the Pokemon league in Pokemon emerald?

You can't. After, however, go to Fallabaror town and go to the fossil maniac's house. Inside is a cave with ditto.

How do you get to bills house in Pokemon Emerald?


Where can Pokemon remember moves in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Fallarbor Town and go in the house to the left of the Battle Tent. Their will be a man inside and he will teach your Pokemon old moves if you give him a Heart Scale.

How do you get a super rod in Pokemon Emerald?

There is a house near the space center in mossdeep city inside is a fisherman if you answer his question with YES you get the super rod.

Where do you get dive in Pokemon emerald?

Go to the top-left corner of Mosdeep city and go inside the house. There's Steven, who will notice you and give it to you

What if Stevens house is empty Pokemon emerald?

Then you have failed...............

Where steves house in Pokemon Emerald?

In Mossdeep clty

Where do you find the TM Dig in Pokemon Emerald?

in fallarbor town, go in to the house over by a small pond and talk to the child inside gives you dig.

Where do i get rock smash on Pokemon emerald?

In Mauville City there's a house in the north where inside there's a man at a table who will give you HM06 Rock Smash.

What is the best grass Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

leve her and go live at your freinds house

Where is the professors house in Pokemon emerald?

Isnt it Littleroot town?

Where do you get cut in Pokemon Emerald?

In Rustboro city in the cutters house.