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HOW TO GET INTO HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOLTo get into Harvard Med you need to get a bachelor's degree. You can get a major in whatever you like, but most do it in a natural science. You don't have to get it at Harvard University. IN FACT, they suggest you get it at another college to broaden your horizons. Then you have to take the MCAT ( Medical College Admission Test) Then you have Medical school for 4 years ( sometimes 3 ) If you pass the MCAT. Medical school is a lot of money but it will pay off. BTW, you don't know your true salary unless you have your specialty and have done 5 years of your residency, which comes after HMS. Medical School is A LOT of work but you don't have to sacrifice everything!

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Requirements for Admission

The Faculty of Medicine accepts applications from current students in good standing and graduates of accredited colleges who:

  • Meet the minimum requirements listed below
  • Present evidence that their intellectual and personal credentials are of such quality as to predict success in the study and practice of medicine.
  • Demonstrate aptitude in the biological and physical sciences during their undergraduate years, but not to the exclusion of the humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Supplemented their education with at least one year of college or university training in the United States or Canada ifthey have completed academic work outside the United States or Canada. (Foreign students who do not have a baccalaureate or advanced degree from an institution in the United States or Canada are rarely accepted for admission.)

PLEASE NOTE: Students who have been enrolled in medical school are ineligible to apply for admission to the first-year class. Students who have applied for admission to HMS on two prior occasions also are ineligible.

General Comments Regarding Course Requirements

The Committee on Admissions considers the level of courses when evaluating academic performance and determining a candidates suitability for medicine. We require a strong preparation in the sciences and mathematics basic to medical school studies. Candidates should take courses that are comparable to courses taken by students majoring in these subjects.

In the final analysis, however, it is not the number of years in college or hours in a course, but the quality of education and the maturity of the student which determine readiness for medical school. At least three years of college work and a baccalaureate degree are required prior to matriculation in medical school.

Required Course

  • 1. Biology: one year with laboratory experience. Courses taken should deal with the cellular and molecular aspects as well as the structure and function of living organisms. Advanced placement credits cannot be used to satisfy this requirement; upper level courses should be taken if granted advanced placement credits.
  • 2. Chemistry: two years with laboratory experience. Full year courses in general (or inorganic) and organic chemistry generally meet this requirement. A one semester course in organic chemistry which covers the relevant material supplemented by a semester course in biochemistry may substitute for the traditional year of organic chemistry. We will consider other options that adequately prepare students for the study of biochemistry and molecular biology in medical school. Advanced placement credits which enable a student to take an upper level course may be used to meet one semester of this requirement.
  • 3. Physics: one year. Advanced placement credits which enable a student to take an upper level course may be used to meet one semester of this requirement.
  • 4. Mathematics: one year of calculus. Advanced placement credits may satisfy this requirement (Calculus AB - 1 semester, Calculus BC - 2 semesters). A course in statistics does not meet this requirement.
  • 5. Expository Writing: one year. Writing skills are important for the study and practice of medicine. This requirement may be met with any non-science courses that involve substantial experience in expository writing. Advanced placement credits cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.
  • 6. Additional requirements for the HST Program:Requirements are the same as above except that calculus including differential equations and one year of calculus-based physics in college are required. A course in biochemistry is strongly encouraged before matriculation.

We will consider other course formats or combinations that are sponsored by the undergraduate institution attended and provide equivalent preparation. When advanced placement credits used to satisfy portions of the chemistry, physics, or mathematics requirements noted above, scores from the AP examination must be submitted prior to matriculation. If these credits are not shown on the college transcript, either the scores from the placement examination or a letter from the chairperson of the respective department certifying that the student has met the requirement in question must be submitted. If there is doubt about the suitability of advanced placement credits, you should contact the Faculty Associate Dean for Admissions for approval before final admissions decisions are made in February.

Recommended Courses

We encourage candidates to complete at least 16 hours in literature, languages, the arts, humanities, and the social sciences and become familiar with computers. We also recommend honors courses and independent study or research, as they offer in-depth exploration of an area of knowledge.

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Q: How do you get into Harvard Medical School?
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