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How do you get into the dotted hole in Pokemon?


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you can get it open by using cut on the door then it opens. to travel in it you go up, left, right, and down then you are at the bottom. if you have trouble getting the Sapphire for celio it is at the bottom then you should see the Sapphire then a guy steals it and gives you last password for rocket base.

you can't cut doors!!!HaHa!!!
Go in the cave then fall down the first hole then your in a room with four holes fall down the holes in this sequence: Up, Left, Right, Down.

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there are no Pokemon in the dotted hole all there is are the sapphire

you get the Sapphire in dotted hole (you use cut to get into dotted hole)

The Dotted Hole is an area exclusive to Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. It can be found in Ruin Valley on Fortune Island in the Sevii Islands.

To open the dotted hole you need to use the hm cut

Get one of your Pokemon to use HM Cut on it.

to get inside dotted hole you need to go up to the door and use cut

it is in the dotted hole on 6 islland

Get a Pokemon to use HM cut ont it.

go to island 6 it is south use cut on the dotted door

To open the dotted hole, use Cut at the entrance and the door should open. he is so right it does open

Six island its a cave in the southern portion of the island.

you have to use cut right outside the door

You go there and have a Pokemon with cut and you can cut the door

it is in the place where you could migrate Pokemon

When you go to the dotted hole, bring a Pokemon that knows the Field move cut. Then when you stand in front of the door, use cut, and the door will open.

Dotted hole is a ruin located on Six Island (after you're beaten the League). It is called so because on the entrance is some Braille, which translates to "cut". Use the Pokemon move cut to enter.

Dotted Hole is not a normal cave once you fall down the first hole you must fall down the holes in a certain order and the order is: Up, Left, Right, Down.

Answer:Have a Pokemon use the HM move Cut on the door.

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