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Ask the guy in the cafe if you can help find his tickets. Then look in open garbage right from the tunnel entrance. Scoot all the trash then you'll find the tickets!Give the tickets to the guy and he'll give you a ticket to the tunnel you can go in the tunnel.

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Q: How do you get into the tunnel on Counterfeit Island?
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Where is the garbage can Counterfeit Island?

Its by the jazz house, or the tunnel. Its in a trash can.

Where do you find the tickets for the tunnel on counterfeit island?

You Need to go into the tunnel in there you will take a tour and then you might find it

How do you get out of the tunnel on Counterfeit Island?

you have to find the t. in the trash but you have to go to the cafe and get him to look at you

How do you open the tunnel when it is nighttime counterfeit island?

You go to the city docks and enter it from there

Where is the arch on counterfeit island on poptropica?

in the tunnel. jump on the light cord to get a paper.

Where is the shady guy in step 22 for What is the walkthrough for Counterfeit Island?

At the end of the tunnel.

What does the device do in the agent tunnel under the museum on Counterfeit Island on Poptropica?

it is a secret passageway.

Where do i get a ticket for the underground tour in the counterfeit island in potropica?

In the bin near the tunnel entrance.

On Counterfeit Island where are the dragon paper pieces?

The first piece of paper in in the counterfeit banquet, the second is in the tour tunnel, find the rest

Who do you return the underground tunnel tickets on poptropica counterfeit island?

You return them to the guy in the internet cafe.

How do you get the paper in the tunnel on Counterfeit Island?

you climb the chain next to it and go right then u get the peice

How do you find the last piece of paper in poptropica in counterfeit island?

It is in the tunnel when your taking your tour ,but it is hard to get.

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