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you have to blow air on the leaf.

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Q: How do you get into the wind temple?
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Where the wind temple on Zelda the wind waker?

The Wind Temple is on Gale Isle, the island directly north of Windfall.

Where do you get hookshot in wind waker?

You get it in the wind temple

Where is the temple of wind on the phantom hourglass?

inland of wind

How do you beat the earth temple in Zelda wind waker?

it's the same as how do you beat the earth temple in wind waker

How do you get through the wind temple in wind waker?

you first have to defeat the fire and ice mountains. then get your iron boots in ice mountain and go to the wind temple and walk through the wind

Where do you go after the wind temple in phantom hourglass?

The temple of the Ocean King.

Why was temple of Quetzalcoatl round?

because it protects the temple from the wind and the rain!

Where is the Makar in Zelda The Wind Waker?

In the the forbidden woods or in the wind temple.

How to get the hookshot in The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker?

It is somewhere in the where in the Wind Temple

How do you get in the wind temple?

You need the iron boots.

What do you do after you finish the wind temple in Zelda wind waker?

Well when you finish the Earth and wind temple the master sword will be restored to its full power, then you must search for the Triforce chards

How do you get the hook shot in Zelda the wind waker?

you get it by one of the temples the wind temple

Where is the wind temple in Dragon Fable?

Talk to ash, click Dracolich!(lvl 10 req.) watch the first cutscene, then you can go to the wind temple

How do you get the wind seal fragment in dragonfable?

do the wind temple quest den u get 1

Where do you get a bombbag in Zelda Phantom hourglass?

in the temple of wind

Where is the temple of wind Zelda hourglass?

It is on island of gust

How do you get the bombag in Zelda phantom hourglass?

Get it in the Temple of Wind

How do you get the flute in Zelda Minish Cap?

There is no flute in the Minish Cap. However, there is the Wind Ocarina, which you can get after clearing the very last temple, the Wind Temple or whatever it is called.

How do you get Makar for the Wind Temple?

You will have to travel to Forest Haven to find Makar. He will be inside the waterfall and you will need to change the wind direction and use the Deku Leaf to get inside. After, play the Wind God's Aria to awaken him and you can now enter the Wind Temple.

In The Wind Waker can you use the Hero's Bow on the Wind Temple Boss?

Yeah, but you have to hit the tongue.

How many budist temple are there?

A) there not Budist temples there dungeons/temples B) there are 8 The Temple of the Ocean King Temple of Fire Temple of Wind Temple of Courage The Ghost Ship Goron Temple Temple of Frost Temple of (can't remember)

Where is a bomb sack in Zelda phantom hourglass?

in the temple of wind

Where is the Wind Temple located?

It is directly above Windfall Island.

How do you get a bomb bag on Zelda the phantom hourglass?

You get it in the Wind Temple.

Where is the temple of wind in Zelda phantom hour?

it is in the northwestern sea