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actually you could just go wifi and try to get an egg if that dont work trade because it drove me mad that i could not get kudamon trust me you can not get it for dusk

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How do you breed Digimon in Digimon World Dawn and dusk?

you put digimon in the digi farmsand go to rank area and go to kudamon and digi mactch you put digimon in the digi farmsand go to rank area and go to kudamon and digi mactch

Are there any Digimon ds games?

yes there's digimon world dusk, digimon world dawn, digimon world ds, digimon world championship and digimon story. There are a few for you!!!!

When did Digimon World DS happen?

Digimon World DS happened in 2006.

How can you get agunimon in Digimon world ds?

u can't get agunimon or any of the other spirit digimon in digimon world ds

When was Digimon World DS created?

Digimon World DS was created on 2006-06-15.

Can you trade Digimon world and Digimon dawn?

well my friend had digimon world ds he was borrowing it and i had my very own digimon world dawn my friend says lets trade! so we tryed but it didnt work =( if you had digimon world dawn and the digimon world dusk then you can trade but digimon world ds can only trade with digimon world ds and digimon world championship can only trade with digimon world championship hope that helps!!!!!!!

Which is a better video game Digimon World ds or Digimon champanship?

I think it's digimon World DS, but I like them both. BTW, have you heard about Digimon World Dawn and Dusk?

Can you create a Digimon Digimon World ds?


What is the best Digimon game?

digimon world ds,digimon dusk, or digimon dawn

How to mate Digimon in Digimon World Dawn?

you don't mate them duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you go to the digi collesium and talk to kudamon. then click on Nintendo wi-fi digimon mathching random you need a wifi connection

How do you get all Digimon on Digimon World ds?

The only way you can get all the Digimon in Digimon DS, is that you have to use the Action Replay. Posted by Ashley Portugal

How can you enter the Digimon World just like Digimon World DS?

no. YOu can not go to the digital world in real life like in your DS.

How do you get digieggs on Digimon World ds?

digimon matching stupid

What are the digivolutions of Kudamon in Digimon Data Squad?

The digivolutions for Kudamon from Digimon Data Squad would include his Champion form of Reppamn, his Ultimate form of Chirinmon and his Mega form also known as a Royal Knight of Kentaurosmon.

How to connect Digimon World ds to Digimon World Dusk?

It is impossible to do so, unfortunately.

Can you get granlocomon in Digimon world ds?


Can you get alphamon in Digimon World ds?


How do you catch Digimon in Digimon World ds?

get 100% scan data

How do you get shinegreymon in Digimon world ds?

You cannot get ShineGreymon in Digimon World DS. The programmers of the game elected to not to use ShineGreymon in the game.

How do you get a digi egg in Digimon World Dawn?

Go to the location where Light Fang was near the start. talk to Kudamon and use the wireless connection to match Digimon. If you select a farming island, and breed two Digimon, you will receive a Digiegg.

How do you get Agunimon in Digimon World Dawn?

theres no agunimon in digimon dawn for ds

How do you capture Digimon on Digimon World ds?

get at least 100% scan data

Which is the best Digimon game for the DS?

in my opinion i would say that digimon world ds, digimon world dawn, and digimon world championship because I've played all three games and if you like a little challenge you should like this games.

Where do you get Gabumon on Digimon World DS?

by the river

How do you get skullgreymon on Digimon World ds?

you can't :(