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How do you get latex paint off flagstone?

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I assume it has dried. There is a product called Goof. One for oil base and one for latex. Put it on and a wire brush should do it. A heat gun for striping paint could also be used but there is the risk of causing the stone to flake. May change the color also.

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Latex paint off of jeans?

Latex paint, when it dries, may be able to be peeled off provided it hasn't been baked into the fiber.

How do you remove latex paint from skin?

Latex paint can be washed off of skin by scrubbing with soap and warm water.

Is a latex paint body suit easy to wash off?

Latex paint bodysuits are designed to be washed off easy. It is suggested that an undergarment is worn.

If paint comes off with nail polish remover what type of paint is it?


Does latex paint dissolve in water?

yes because latex paint is latex paint

Can you paint over latex with enamel?

you can paint over latex paint with latex enamel.

Can you use latex primer over oil base enamel?

Yes, primer is what you need to put on in order to put latex paint over the oil paint. Latex primer is fine, but if you put latex paint directly on it will peel off.

Will latex paint wash off of clothing?


How do you determine oil or latex paint?

With a little alcohol on a cloth, over your finger. Rub it - if color or paint comes off in any way, it's latex or acrylic paint (to be painted over with acrylic or acrylic latex paint).

Can you mix latex paint with enamel paint?

Enamel paint can only be mixed with latex paint if the latex paint also has enamel in it. If the latex paint is oil based then it can not be mixed with enamel paint.

Can you paint over a latex high gloss paint with latex primer without sanding first?

Answer: You can, but it will peel off. It needs to be lightly sanded.

How do you remove latex paint from vinyl siding?

You can use a product that is called Goof Off to get latex paint off of vinyl siding. You cannot use paint thinner or abrasives because they can scar or damage the siding.

What takes old latex paint off hard surfaces?

I found out that Rubbing alcohol will remove dried latex paint on hard wood floors.

How do you tell if paint is latex or enamel?

Advantages of Latex PaintAdvantages of Enamel PaintLatex paint is much easier to clean. Most marks will come right off with soap and water or a basic household cleaner.Enamel paint is able to withstand much more damage than latex paint.Internet source:url:

What was the human invention of latex paint?

Can you restate your question are you asking what is the latex paint or are you asking when was the invention of the latex paint.

How do you seal latex paint that was applied over a lacquer finish?

scrape off the lacquer paint first. by means of sand paper #100-140 before applying the latex paint

What happens if you use paint thinner in latex paint?

Paint thinner made for oil based paint will ruin latex paint. You can thin latex paint with water or flotrol.

Is latex paint hazardous?

No, latex paint is not considered hazardous.

Is it OK to use oil paint over latex paint when applying concrete striping paint?

You can not put oil paint over latex paint. Oil is a rigid coating and latex is a flexible coating. When you put a rigid coating over something that is flexible the rigid coating cracks off.

Is it possible to put oil base paint over latex floor paint?

You should never paint an oil based paint over a latex paint. Oil based paints are meant to absorb and dry into the surface. If you were to paint an oil based paint over a latex based paint it would simply dry and flake off. For more information on when to use a latex or oil based paint please see the following article.

What happens if you use paint thinner to thin latex paint?

You will ruin the latex paint. Latex paint is thinned with water. Paint thinner is for oil-based paints.

Can you paint over latex paint with epoxy?

Yes, you can paint over latex with epoxy.

How do you inexpensively clean paint off of older beautiful tile?

If it is vinyl tile and it's latex paint, rubbing alcohol will remove it. If it is a ceramic or porcelain tile, you can carefully scrape it off or if it is also latex paint, the same thing,,,alcohol will remove it.

Can oil based paint be used over latex paint?

Yes you can after the latex paint has cured.

Why would dry latex paint wipe off walls with water?

The walls weren't sanded first and it's probably oil paint underneath. Latex can't go over oil paint.