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How do you get latex paint out of clothes that have already been washed?

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Try using shout or any other stain remover that you know of. If that doesn't work, than I'm not so sure.

2009-05-11 00:48:13
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Q: How do you get latex paint out of clothes that have already been washed?
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How do you get dried latex paint out of clothes that have already been washed?

Try a product called Krud Kutter. You can identify stores carrying it by typing in "Krud Kutter" in the search engine box. you can put powder on the paint the let it sit

How do you remove latex paint from skin?

Latex paint can be washed off of skin by scrubbing with soap and warm water.

How do you remove house paint from clothes that have been washed?

Once the clothes have been washed, the paint is probably in them permanently. You can try paint thinner, but this is likely to stain the clothes anyway.

Is a latex paint body suit easy to wash off?

Latex paint bodysuits are designed to be washed off easy. It is suggested that an undergarment is worn.

Is dried paint on clothes flammable?

No. If it is a latex paint, it is not flammable when its wet or dry. If its an oil paint, it is not flammable when it is dry.

Can you paint over latex with enamel?

you can paint over latex paint with latex enamel.

Does latex paint dissolve in water?

yes because latex paint is latex paint

Can you mix latex paint with enamel paint?

Enamel paint can only be mixed with latex paint if the latex paint also has enamel in it. If the latex paint is oil based then it can not be mixed with enamel paint.

What was the human invention of latex paint?

Can you restate your question are you asking what is the latex paint or are you asking when was the invention of the latex paint.

What happens if you use paint thinner in latex paint?

Paint thinner made for oil based paint will ruin latex paint. You can thin latex paint with water or flotrol.

Is latex paint hazardous?

No, latex paint is not considered hazardous.

What happens if you use paint thinner to thin latex paint?

You will ruin the latex paint. Latex paint is thinned with water. Paint thinner is for oil-based paints.

Can you paint over latex paint with epoxy?

Yes, you can paint over latex with epoxy.

Can oil based paint be used over latex paint?

Yes you can after the latex paint has cured.

Latex Paint?

form_title= Latex Paint form_header= Paint your home with latex paint! Is the paint for the exterior or interior?*= () Interior () Exterior What color do you want to paint your home?*= _ [50] Do you need current paint removed?*= () Yes () No

What is exterior latex paint made from?

Exterior latex paint is made from water, latex resins, and other pigments.

Can you paint oil paint over latex paint?

Yes, as long as the latex paint is clean and sanded to a dull finish.

Does freezing harm latex paint?

All latex paint labels emphasize the instructions, "keep from freezing." Latex paint is water-based paint that will freeze at 32 degrees F.

Water in latex paint?

latex paint is too much thich and dry so water make latex paint thin and dry after some time

Can you paint over enamel with latex?

Yes, you can put enamel over latex, but you cannot paint latex over enamel....

Can you glaze over a latex paint?

Yes. Like paint, glaze comes as oil-based or as water-based latex. Use oil-based glaze over oil paint or latex paint. Water-based glaze can only be used on latex paint.

Can you paint enamel paint over enamel paint?

yes, as long as it's latex/latex or alkalyd/alkalyd.

Can latex paint be used indoors?

yes, most paint is latex based these days

How do you paint flat not latex over satin latex paint?

use a primer first

What dissolves latex paint?

Denatured alcohol or anything stronger will dissolve latex paint.