How do you get latias?

after you beat the elite 4 go in random places and try to find it when you find it try to catch it if it runs it shows the location in your pokedex good luck, Zack lemanski well you weaken it and then throw a pokeball In Pokemon Sapphire, latias becomes wild after you beat the elite 4. Only one exsists, and its place is randomly generated, which makes it a pain to catch.

In Pokemon Emerald, you get a choice of what Lati you want. After you beat the elite 4, you restart in your room. When you walk downstairs your mom will be watching TV. When you talk to her she will ask you what color of Pokemon was on the TV. You are given 2 choices- Red(Latias) and Blue(Latios). Whichever you select is now wild, just as in Sapphire.