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I think the only way u can is by getting them off your Pokemon diamond or pearl

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if you have Pokemon pearl or diamond you can connect 'em up and send legendarys from your ds to Pokemon battle revolution. :)

You can find legendary Pokemon in Pokemon battle quest in the pokeshop.

no you can't but you can transfer legendaries from your ds to your wii

You have to import them from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heartgold/Soulsilver.

Pokemon Battle RevolutionAll you can do is battle Pokemon in Battle Revolution.

if you mean gain them, you cant, if you man get them on to battle revolution, just copy Pokemon with you d/p game with legendary Pokemon in a box or your party.

The Pokemon is Hacked and there is a Filter on Battle Revolution. Sorry. Sources: Longtime Player and Heard of it on Forums

No, you can only copy them to Pokemon Diamond, not Pokemon Battle Revolution. But, if you want to, then send them from Diamond to Battle Revolution!

Pokemon Battle Revolution is the Pokemon game for the Nintendo Wii, and you basically battle, battle, and, what did I forget? Oh yeah, BATTLE!

you go tu upload Pokemon in Pokemon battle revolution

you can buy Pokemon battle revolution for the wii at

cant catch Pokemon on battle revolution.

Your Pokemon cannot level up on Pokemon battle revolution

you cant if its a regular Pokemon the original answerer is right but if it's a ditto and you are facing a legendary you can transform into it for the length of the battle or until ditto/legendary Pokemon faints if it faints during the battle.

There's no ban for legendary Pokémon, it's just a glitch in the game's protection programming that prevents it. All you have to do is reset your Battle Pass and if the legendary Pokémon is legit then you'll be able to use it.

You cannot. you can only transfer Pokemon to battle revolution Not from it

To get Dialga or Palkia on Pokemon Battle Revolution, you must first catch it in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and then send it to Pokemon Battle Revolution with a wireless connection.

You can play battle revolution with Pokemon platinum.

You must have a Wii with the Pokemon game Battle Revolution on it, then hook up your DS to the Wii with the GTC from the game running. I think it works, my cousin tried it a month ago. What if i dont have Pokemon Battle Revolution are a Wii?

No, Pokemon battle revolution is just for battling. You can obtain Pokemon by transferring them from your DS.

no. Pokemon battle revolution can only take Pokemon from diamond/pearl

After beating Pokemon Battle Revolution you will unlock the 100 trainer challenge. Kruger will appear after every ten battles but will be the final battle at the end of the challenge. He will use high level legendary Pokemon; Zapados, Regirock, Latias, Regiice. Heatran, and Azelf. So having strong Pokemon to counter these is a must.

A person can find legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Quest by searching the map and battling other trainers. It is also important to have upgraded Pokeballs.

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