How do you get lice?

You get lice by coming in contact with a person who has lice. You can also get lice by using an infected person's combs, brushes, hair ornaments, headphones, clothing, or bedding. So you should not share a friend's personal items because you could catch lice from them. You can get lice from just being around someone who HAD them.
Here are the specifics:
  • Head Lice - spread by contact with anything which touches the hair; this includes not only combs and brushes, but sofas, car seats, hats, carpets, and anything which touched the infected person's hair
  • Body Lice - spread by contact with any clothing or anything which touched the person
  • Pubic Lice ("crabs") - spread by contact with pubic hairs or anything which touched pubic hairs
  • you also get lice when you tie your hair when its wet; and when you dont wash your hair

By being around people who have lice.

You get it from others

It's contagious.

Of the multiple kinds of lice, there is only one vector of contagion: other people. You can get them from direct contact with the infected person, or by contact with their clothing, towels, bedclothes, hats, underwear, or really anything that lays up against their skin (depending somewhat on the type of louse).