How do you get loads of trainer points on Nintendogs?

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April 21, 2010 7:12PM

1). Take your dogs on a lot of walks. You can do this every 30

minutes. You will get 50 Trainer Points.

2). On a walk, if you meet a dog and they get along nicely, you

get 50 Trainer Points.

3). Enter competitions. If you win, you get 100. If you take

2nd, you get 75, and if you come in 3rd, you get 50. If you don't

get a rank, you get 25.

4). Feed your pet at regular times.

5). Pet your dog until it sparkles, and after it performs a

trick correctly.

6). If you ever get the Mario Cart, Peach Cart, or Bowser Cart,

DO NOT bump them into your dog! If it happens often, they might

forget tricks!

7). Don't over work your Nintendog. If you do, it may get angry

at you and you'll lose trainer points.

8). Give your dog a bath and leave the sponge on them. Plug in

your DS and don't close the cover. After 10 minutes, you should

have 70 trainer points. Try doing it over night!

9). Have fun with it, and don't get frustrated!

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