How do you get married in Texas if you are a pregnant 16-year-old and the father is a 20-year-old?

....well i was 16 when i gave birth to my daughter and my boyfriend was 26 where from New York we just moved to Texas ...but my best suggestion to you is if your parents don't approve of your relationship and wont let ya get married then you guys should just not let the father not be there for the birth that's what i did .....if a social worker comes to the room to ask you questions do NOT tell them your babys father is over 18 even if they say its confedential they will report it me they did that to me .....and my man was charged with statutory rape and we have to go to court so he wont get arrested and it doesnt matter how old you are when you give birth it just matters how old you are when you got pregnant and trust me Texas has much worst punishments for situations like that good luck i know i needed it....

Well that's an easy one don't get married in Texas go to las Vegas that's were i got married when i was 16. Just find a small chapel when you get there and grab a few witnesses and you'll be all set to go its an easy as 123. Hope you and your husband to and the child have a good life. Lee.

In Nevada, if you are under the age of 18, you have to have parental consent in order to get married. In Texas, if you are under the age of 18, you have to have parental consent to get married.

The legal age to marry in both states is indeed 18, with no exception being made for a pregnancy, therefore parental consent is required. Although it is true more than a few minors are married by using fake or falsified identification,the assumption that the marriage is legally valid is false. Because of new laws being implemented in all states pertaining to marriage, name change, even voter registration,requirements are becoming very stringent. Be that as it may, a minor who marries in any state w/o parental permission or in some cases w/o the permission of the court as well, is not legally married. This can cause problems in the future especially with such issues as the IRS, public assistance if needed, medical insurance, and so forth. It would be in the best interest of a minor(s) who did not follow the proper procedures of the state where the marriage occurred to consult an attorney concerning the legalities involved.

Go to another state.

The options available to you are as follows:

1. Obtain parental permission for the 16-year-old to marry.

2. Obtain a court order in your county to marry (unlikely).

3. At the age of 16 you are elligible for emancipation, which in Texas is called Removal of Disabilities of Minority. Unfortunately, this is a difficult and lengthy process. First, you must be living on your own for at least three months and self-supporting. Second, you will need the appointment of a guardian ad litem to represent you in court, and you will have to pay this person for their services. After you have the disabilities of minority removed it should be possible to obtain a marriage license.

WARNING! If you reveal that the father of your child is 20 and you are under 17, the father is likely to be charged with Texas version of statutory rape, which is "Sexual Assault of Child" and he is likely to be arrested. After arrest, bail is likely to be thousands of dollars to get out, and he will need professional representation, which is very expensive. A court appointed public defender will not offer the best possible defense in such a case! Also, if the 20-year-old confesses or the 16-year-old gives testimony against him, it will be very difficult to obtain a not guilty verdict. In Texas a charge like "sexual assault of child" will sound like the actual rape of a child to the other inmates, not consensual sex with an adolescent. Such a conviction could be a death sentence, and may also result in the actual, forcible rape or assault of the 20-year-old. If you don't want the man to go to prison, never tell anyone he is the father of this child. The statute of limitations in Texas is very long for such crimes.