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Complete a field op or complete a level of system defender.

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Q: How do you get medals in Club Penguin epf?
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How do you get club penguin EPF medals?

You must beat EPF missions.

Is there a fish catalog in EPF on club penguin?

No there is no F.I.S.H catalog In the EPF, although there is an EPF catalog that you have to pay with medals

When will the new EPF doors be installed on club penguin?

Now! You can do field ops as well which earn you medals...

Is there a website for club penguin that can get cheats of lots of epf medals?

No there is no website to get u alot of E.P.F. medal's on club penguin there is a way... Work for them but i think its kinda hard.

What does EPF mean in club penguin?

EPF is short for Elite Penguin Force.

How do you get the EPF Earpiece on Club Penguin?

To get the EPF Earpiece on club penguin you have to do complete one field op mission then you can get it.

Is Club Penguin epf on the psp?

Well, there's a Club Penguin EPF game. It's not PSP Playstation. The Club Penguin game is kind of different. It's Club Penguin: Herbert's Revenge.

What games are realated to Club Penguin?

Club Penguin Game Day on Wii Club Penguin EPF on D.S. Club Penguin EPF Herberts Revenge on D.S.

On Club Penguin what does epf stand for?

On Club Penguin EPF stands for Elite Penguin Force. The Elite Penguin Force is Club Penguin's secret agent squad. Answered by the penguin: Jellyfish33

How do you the epf newsletter on Club Penguin?

There is no epf newsletter!

Who is roocie on club penguin?

you must mean Rookie he is a silly penguin who is a EPF ,EPF stands for Elite Penguin Force see EPF

On Club Penguin what does epf mean?

On Club Penguin the term, "EPF" means Elite Penguin Force. The Elite Penguin Force is Club Penguin's secret agent squad. Answered by the penguin: Jellyfish33

How do you play multiplayer on club penguin EPF?

I'm so sorry but you can't play mulitplayer on club penguin epf

Where is the gadget holder in Club Penguin EPF Club Penguin?


Is there any way to earn the epf medals in a fast manner in club penguin?

Thoroughly sorry but no BUT if you are a member you can play SYSTEM DEFENDER for one medal but that is all... From Club Penguin player....

What is the epf code on Club Penguin?

There isn't an EPF code for Club Penguin. You have to go to your local retailer that stocks games and look for Club Penguin Elite Force and then you will become an EPF agent. Here is a little secret. You get to work with trained puffles.

Can you download items from club penguin epf ds to club penguin?


Where is the epf catolog in the epf command room on club penguin?

there is no catalog

I have completed 71 percent on club penguin but i dont have any more missions or small missions what do i do?

you have to play a multiplayer game with someone with club penguin epf and someone without club penguin epf

How do you get in the closet on Club Penguin?

You need a code from the Club Penguin EPF game to enter.

How can you find Gary the Gadget guy on Club Penguin?

On club penguin epf missions

How old does your penguin have to be to join the epf agent on club penguin?

You have to be 30 days old to become a EPF Agent!

How do you transfer coins from the EPF game onto your club penguin account?

I don't think it is possible to transfer coins from the EPF game to your account in Club Penguin.

Where is aunt arctic in club penguin epf?

Aunt Arctic is the leader of the EPF.

What is spy phone in club penguin?

a spyphone is a phone on club penguin epf agents use