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You cannot decide which insurance is primary and which is secondary. Their is nothing you can do to determine this. Within each policy it specifies when each policy is primary or secondary. With Medicare, it is always going to be secondary to insurance provided by an employer or retirement plan.

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: How do you get medicare as your primary insurance if you have horizons select as your primary you want to change?
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How do i look for changing my medicare insurance plans?

Fall open enrollment is the best time to change medicare insurance plans. You can find out a lot of information about your different options by contacting a Medicare representative.

Is secure horizons medicare advantage a good plan for a senior citizen to buy?

Secure Horizons Medicare is a good plan, but it is not as good as Medicare supplements. With the Medicare supplement plan, you can see any doctor that you like, the plan has a larger premium which typically increases 8% every year, and benefits are standardized and constant. With Medicare advantage plans, you are restricted to some extent on the doctors you can see, the benefits change every year; sometimes they are better and sometimes they are worse. Also, the premiums are lower.

How can you change how your Medicare premiums are paid?

If on medicare you can't, b/c social security will deduct b/c you get your payment. If you have a supplement or mapd policy call insurance carrier

We have Secure Horizons, which is an HNO, my husband's specialist who is a Urologist cancelled his contract with this and all HMOs. He suggested we get PPO Insurance. How can we do this?

Go to and change policies

How are primary and secondary insurance determined?

It is usually written in an insurance policy if the policy is primary or secondary. If both policies have language that makes them secondary if other insurance is present then they may split the amount owed. State laws may change this.

How do you change to Medicare as your primary health carrier from Blue Cross Blue Shield?

If you have a medicare advantage plan (HMO, POS, etc.), you can disenroll during the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MADP) which occurs Jan. 1--February 14, 2011. You may need to enroll in a prescription drug plan.

Can you change your secondary insurance to primary insurance if your coverage is better with the secondary insurance?

In most cases no. You can not chage due to better coverage. 90% of insurance companies, if not more, have what is called a birthday rule. Meaning if you have dependant children on the policy the guardian who was born first (or who is older) is the primary carrier for the dependant children and the younger of the two guardians is the secondary carrier. If you were to have coverage through yourself and a spouse you would be your own primary, as would your spouse be their own primary. If you are the carrier for both insurances then it would all depend on your plan provisions and restrictions, in which case you would have to question each insurance company as to how they would handle determining what insurance is primary and what insurance is secondary.

What is the primary purpose of hipaa title 1 insurance reform?

Is to provide continous insurance coverage for workers and thier insured dependents when they change or loose jobs.

If your spouse who is not the primary insurance carrier makes a change over the phone is there a waiting period before it goes into effect?

Not usually. The majority of insurance companies accept the change valid at the time of the request. Even if it changes the premium amount.

Where does Barack Obama stand on Medicare?

Obama says he would consider raising the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 68. His "obamacare" health plan that he pushed through Congress already makes some changes in Medicare, especially in prescription drug coverage and payments to doctors and hospitals, when and if it takes full effect. I do not think he has more big plans to change Medicare. He is strongly in favor of universal health care insurance. (He does not seem to have any workable plans for cutting health care costs.)

Do you need a health plan supplement when you have Medicare?

Yes. It depends on what is covered in your Medicare plan. There are supplemental insurance programs, like MediGap and other additional options provided either by Medicare itself, or by your own choice of providers. This answer is correct for the most part, but you don't HAVE to have a supplement when you have Medicare. It is up to you. Most people wouldn't go without a supplement. These nifty little plans can cover your deductibles and coinsurances that Medicare leaves for the patient. If your claim is high dollar, you could find yourself in trouble trying to figure out how to pay your portion of the bill. Also, Medicare itself doesn't offer any supplemental insurance. You have to shop for yourself and decide which sounds like it would help you the most. Part D supplemental coverage is for prescriptions. Medicare does not cover any prescriptions. You have to figure which drugs you are presently taking and then find a supplement that will cover most of those drugs. If your prescriptions radically change over the year, you may want to shop for a new Part D supplement when it's the time of year to add, delete or change your supplements or even purchase a Medicare Replacement Plan. Many, many choices.

How will ObamaCare affect senior citizens?

An unknown amount (but probably small). Most Senior Citizens already qualify for Medicare, and this will not change. Those purchasing additional insurance from an insurance company may likely see changes, though what those changes (particularly in cost) are is impossible to generally predict.

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Does anyone aware that CMS is change the Medicare card from SS?

Question isn't clear, but CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is simply the new name for Health Care Financing Administration, which has been in charge of Medicare for several years.

Why would the AARP want to support Obama health plan that will do away with your medicare benefits?

Because Medicare will just be moved into the new system; the benefits won't change.

Who can legally change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

The Insured can change the beneficiary on a life insurance contract.

If you have insurance on your car from another state what happens if you do not change the insurance to the new state you live and work in?

If you have made this new State your primary residence state, your insurance company may require after one year that you register your car and your license in your new state. The auto insurance should follow the registered state, and if you are a permanent resident, then you should register your car and re-write a new auto policy for that state.

Can someone be removed from a homeowners insurance policy without their consent?

The policy owner, usually the Primary named insured, can add or remove people and coverages from the policy they purchased as their coverage requirements change.

What is variable annuity insurance?

Variable annuity insurance is insurance that has a variable year to year and it can change upon facts that change such as your base description of how you manage your life.

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Who understands the AARP voting with Obama to change the healthcare plan and destroy we seniors medicare benefits?

Medicare will be moved into the new system, so your benefits won't be "destroyed." They will have a new name.

If you travel the states for 2 years do you need to change your auto insurance in each state or do you continue to use your original insurance?

You are required to maintain your auto insurance in your state of primary residence. It will follow you when you travel or visit other states. The key here is "Residence". If you take up residence in any of the states that you travel too, then you are required to notify your insurer and change your insurance within 30 days of taking up residence. You are also required to obtain a drivers license in your new state of residence within 30 days.

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