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I am not aware of any direct way of producing methanol from methane. The only two ways I know that you can make methanol is by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen or by the pyrolysis of wood. Almost all the methanol made today is produced by the Syngas method. In it, methane is converted to carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which are then formed into methanol. Researchers are working on a catalyst to directly convert methane to methanol, which is done by inserting one oxygen atom into a methane molecule, between the carbon atom and a hydrogen atom. Their biggest problem right now is the most efficient catalysts work at temperatures high enough to ignite methanol.

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Q: How do you get methanol from methane?
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What is the difference between methanol and methane?

methane is not alcohol but methanol is alcohol the ol bit of methanol is alcohol

What molecule has the highest boiling point methane chloromethane or methanol?


Why is methanol a hydrocarbon?

because methane is a hydrocarbon!

Is methanol more soluable than methane?

Yes, methanol is CH3OH and methane is CH4. Methanol is polar (because of the O-H bond) and methane is non-polar (because it is a hydrocarbon.) Water (which is polar) will dissolve other polar things, but not non-polar things.

Is methanol a polar solvent?

Methanol is considered a polar solvent. The structure of methanol is a hydroxyl group (-OH) attached to a methane (-CH3). The hydroxyl has a greater negative charge than the methane, resulting in an effective polarity of the solvent.

Why is the enthalpy change of combustion for methanol less negative than methane?

The combustion of methanol to form products of H2O and CO2 do not have as much of an energy change compared to methane and a result methanol releases less energy compared to methane. The more negative an enthalpy change is, the more heat it is going to release.

Are archaea PRODUCers?

Archaea are producers of methane. They convert fermentation products such as CO2, H2, acetate, methanol to methane and CO2.

Why are methanol and higher hydrocarbons easier and cheaper to transport than methane?

they are liquids

How is Methanol produced?

Although methanol can be produced using a number of raw materials (feedstocks), natural gas is preferred. The methane in natural gas reacts with steam in a reaction called steam-methane reforming; the resultant synthesis gas then reacts with a catalyst to produce methanol and water vapor.

What is the formula for methane hydroxide?

"Methane hydroxide" is not standard nomenclature. "Methanol" is the closest genuine compound I can imagine; the formula for that can be written as H3COH.

What compound is more polar and soluble in water methane or methanol and why?

methanol is more polar and some what soluable in water because if have strong atraction forces

Can methanol can be mixed with oil?

Yes, but it emits poisonous emission such as methane, methyl oxide.

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