How do you get middle school boy to ask you out?

Ok so first while youre in the classroom and sitting at the desks just look at him, not like all stalkerish but just a nice little look and smile. He will likely notice you. Go up to him after class and just talk so you get to know him better. Keep up the talking, and start to become friends with him and his friends. It will also help if youre popularity level is about the same as him.So after becoming friends, start to try and convince him you want to be more than that. Eventually he will ask you out, and if he doesnt you can try or have a friend do it for you. Remember if it doesnt work out there are probably much better guys in the world for you.Also if you wait till high school(its hard) they get soooo much hotter and start to notice you differently.Also any girls reading this who may be overweight you still have a chance. Go up to the mirror not the scale and look at youre face not stomach. You will see that you are still pretty and a true boy would like youre inner beauty. I know cause i was fat and then i did TURBO JAM its awesome!!!!