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I used a magic erase scrubbie pad to take the mold off the top inside of our vinyl liner for our inground pool. It came off very easily. It also work great taking off the water line on the stairs.

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Q: How do you get mold off the outside of a vinyl pool?
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What is the cheepest way to get mold off of vinyl seats?

Use a bathroom mold and mildew cleaner, or clorox wipes, then condition your vinyl.

How do you get mold off of pool liners?

Chlorine will get mold of most things

What is the best way to clean mold and mildew off vinyl siding?

It may not be the very best method, but pressure washing is the standard method for removing mold and mildew from vinyl siding.

How do I remove thick pool scale off the bottom of our vinyl pool?

get a brush and scrub scrub scrub!

How can you get hard water stains off your vinyl pool liner?

clean it with peroxide

Is there anything at Walmart that can get mold off of vinyl?

Try some kaboom, it is made to tackle mildew in showers so it should do ok on mold too.

How do you clean mold off the inflatable ring of a soft side pool?


How do you get scale off vinyl pool liner?

you must put alot of muriatic acid to burn off the liner

How can you clean mold off of a pool cage?

scrub it with choline or bleach. wear ruber gloves.

How can you find a contractor in Tampa to fix a wall in your in-gound vinyl pool if the installer ran off with the money and left pool without vinyl liner need repair very badly before pool is lost?

I may be able to help you with your pool. I have 25 years exp. with vinyl liners. Please feel free to contact me via my measage board if you still need help.

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No once it has mold on it, it's bad. Even is the mold is picked off, there is still bacteria in the food. So if you eat it you will get sick.

Can you leave your vinyl banner outside during a thunderstorm?

It is safe to say that vinyl banners can be left outside during a thunderstorm. This is due to the fact that vinyl doesn't attract or conduct electricity. This would mean the chances of lighting conducting from off of it would be slim.

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