How do you get more Zynga poker chips from mafia wars?

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How do you get more Mafia Wars members in your mafia?

Go to Google and type in "Mafia Wars Members" or "Add Me on Mafia Wars". Also Yahoo! Answers has a nice list of people.. Invite more friends and wait for them to accept, or buy more members with godfather points.. If you are looking to easily build up your mafia, check out Fr ( Full Answer )

How do you find poker chips on Mafia Wars?

Go to the enforcer jobs and scroll to bottom of page, several jobs that require you to obtain items first, cost 10 experience points. The ones for you collection are in soldier.

How do you get the red poker chip on Mafia Wars?

You would have to keep playing the "Soldier Job Tier" over and over again. The acquisition of these special items seems completely random; you might get three or four green poker chips, before you get a red one.

How do you get a gold poker chip on Mafia Wars?

It is gained completing Soldier tier missions. It is however, widely known to be quite rare, as supported by the vast queries on the matter.. Try Fight a Haitian Gang job

Which job has the gold poker chips on Mafia Wars?

It's not just one job that has the gold poker chip. It is the entire Soldier Job tier that has the poker chips and by doing any job under that tier you could get the gold one.

Where do you get green poker chip in mafia war?

I found the green poker chip after doing the "Kill a Protected Snitch" job in "Soldier" 11 times in a row. I have no idea if this will work for you, but I'm level 119 and I finally went back to soldier and did jobs to get things I needed. Good luck!

Where do you get purple poker chip in mafia war?

U pretty much have to trade it with some lucky guy who has them or other wise its nearly impossible to get it cuz i have something lyk 8 to 9 extra poker chips of almost all the colours but i still cldn't get the purple poker chip.

Purple Poker Chip Mafia Wars?

Purple Poker Chip you can find as a loot item for doing Kill a Protected Snitch job on Soldier tab.

How do you get the white poker chip in Mafia Wars?

I found several in the "Steal a Tanker Truck" job in the soldier job tier. all vault items are random drops based on the "jobs" level. So to get ANY poker chips you need to do "soldier" level jobs that have the yellow "loot" in the name of the job. At the soldier level it seems almost all the jobs ( Full Answer )

Which job gets you boxing gloves in Zynga Mafia Wars?

Any of the jobs in the Soldier tier can potentially drop the Boxing Collection, Gloves item. The drop is random. One item may be dropped on completing a job, from memory the drop rate appears to be around 1 in 5, but this varies considerably. Any item from the Boxing Collection, Sculptures Collec ( Full Answer )

Where do I get a purple chip in Mafia Wars?

Playing the Soldier job tier in New York. You can play all three levels to get it at random or post it on your wish list and ask your mafia to give it to you or trade with you for it.

How To Buy Zynga Poker Chips?

Buying Zynga poker chips from anywhere other than Zynga is a direct violation of the games Terms of Service.

Are there Zynga poker cheats?

yes, if you download cheat engine 5.5 and type in how many chips you have, you can multiply them by anything, x10, x100, maybe even x1000 ! you could be a billionaire! :D

How do you get Brown Poker Chip in Mafia Wars?

I received a brown poker chip after submitting a ticket with 5 numbers in the Daily Drawing. After submitting a ticket look for a button that says "Claim Bonus" and click on it. You will receive a variety of items. One might be a brown poker chip, it is random.

Can you cheat on Zynga poker?

You can't cheat since the game is server sided. download Zynga Poker Cheats here for free

How do you reset zynga poker on Facebook?

You must go to Privacy Settings under Account, and down towards the bottom under Applications and Websites click on the blue Edit your settings link. This will bring up a page of the apps/sites that have access to your facebook information because you have allowed them to in the past. Here you may r ( Full Answer )

Is Zynga poker rigged?

Here is some insight on the topic in a short article that takes some insight from people who have a lot of real money poker experience talking about their Zynga experiences some key excerpts form the article: "I d ( Full Answer )

In Zynga Mafia Wars can you declare war on a specific player?

yep go to their mafia page and there is a list of options "sucker punch" is one another is "ask mafia to attack" but you have to be friends with them to declare war if you are friends another option is "declare war"

More mafia in Mafia Wars?

if you want to have more mafia members, join pimping services. they will boost your members in a day.

Are there any surveys you can complete that give you Zynga poker chips?

There is but I don't remember. Staying on Facebook(stay on the website I didn't went anywhere else) and looking for it while playing the game, you would probably find the survey. I had it once and legitimately earned one million by answering trivia question in Believe or not it didn't ( Full Answer )

Is there any way to get free Zynga poker chips?

I think not, Zynga protected this game so high, that you can't hack this game, but if you mean on legit way, try to collect bonuses, but it will take some time

How do you get the golden dice in zynga poker?

You need someone to send you it...either by posting you need it on facebook and your friend sends you it or make up another facebook account and send it to yourself

Hide from friends on Zynga poker?

At this time, there is no way to hide from friends while playingZynga poker. If there is a particular "friend" you don't want toplay with, you can easily remove them from your friends list.

How do you get the red dice in Zynga poker?

Once seated into a table, you can gamble the amount you wish to, if the hand is won; you claim collectibles. Hopefully you're next great earn's red dice!

How do you get 1 billion Zynga poker chips?

make 2 accounts buy or win 100m chips use your laptop and an other device add ur account to on all tables in lobby find one empty invite ur other account.swap chips back to each other leave table go into lobby,ur chip count will rise up to whatever amount you won.repeat again and again ( Full Answer )

What language are they speaking in Zynga poker?

You need to copy and paste what they are saying. Many languages apart from English exist. Without the language, it cannot be dictated as to what language somebody will speak

Why are you unnable to sit in zynga poker?

Sometimes Zynga offers tables for only 5-6 players. However it shows all seats, you can only sit down if there are less than 6 or 5 players on that table. Look at the lobby to verify how much players can join that table.

Does Zynga offer internet poker?

Zynga does in fact offer a few varieties of internet games such as, Zynga Poker (texas hold'em), black jack, farmville, and Mafia Wars, all of which are commonly played on the social network site Facebook.

How can you get animated items for zynga poker?

You need to purchase them in the gift shop. They cost gold (or you can get "sponsors" to help you get it for free) but most of the time they are permanent items.

How do you get vip table in zynga poker?

To get VIP status on Zynga to play VIP tables, You will have to purchase it from Zynga with real money. Or, you can spend 1,000,000 in player poker chips.

How do you change avatar on zynga poker?

Try logging into your profile and change your profile picture under account settings. Then log out and log back in. You may also have to log out of Facebook for this to work.