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Q: How do you get more followers on Tumblr?
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Why does your tumblr say there more followers than you can count on your followers list?

Tumblr does say more followers than you cam count on your followers list because it takes time to update.

How do you get more followers in Tumblr?

Tumblr tips for gaining more followers quickly: Start following as many people as you can Start commenting on other people's Tumblr posts Post fascinating photographs frequently. When it comes to posting on Tumblr, timing is everything. Make new friends and allow them to share your Tumblr posts by going social. The appearance of your Tumblr site is virtually everything. Invest time in Tumblr marketing. Study the behavior of your Tumblr followers.

What is Tumblr plug?

Tumblrplug is a website at whcih tumblr users can submit their url and information about their blog to gain followers. Some users may even pay to have their profiles in a more visible place to gain even more followers.

What is promoted in tumblr?

Promoted is when you 'promote' someone, you help them out to get more followers or more popular. Hope that helped!

Who has the most followers on Tumblr? has over 1,000,000 followers. No other Tumblr blog can even come close to claiming this many.

Are your followers in order from new to old on Tumblr?


How can you tell who's following you on Tumblr?

when you get to your dashboard on the right under your tumblr name is says how many followers you have. so for example my tumblr name is Imagine under Imagine, it says 23 followers. when i click on followers, it shows everyone following me. hope i helped! follow me,

What does promo mean on Tumblr?

Tell your followers to follow this person.

What is a screenshot on tumblr?

It's when a person makes a screenshot of your tumblr blog,posts it and tells his/her followers to follow you <3

Is there a way to look at the followers of your followers on Tumblr?

yes u log into tumblaah and then u give up

What is a screenshot promo on Tumblr?

It's when a person makes a screenshot of your tumblr blog,posts it and tells his/her followers to follow you <3

How many followers on Tumblr you should have before tracking the tag?

about 10,000

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