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Increase your END in oaklore keep.

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Q: How do you get more health for your dragon in dragonfable?
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In dragonfable how do you beat the red dragon?

With cheat engine by hacking the health

How do you get dragon coins in dragonfable?

how to get dragon coins in dragonfable free

How do you get a dragon on dragonfable?

To recive a dragon on Dragonfable, you must purchase a $20 Dragon Amulet. This allows your baby dragon to grow.

How do you level up your dragon in dragonfable?

The only way you can level up your dragon in Dragonfable is to leve yourself up. You baby dragon's health and mana goes up as yours does. If you are talking about skill wise, simply buy dragon chow and feed it to your dragon (dragon chow can be obtained from Sunbreeze cove). The higher level of dragon chow you buy, the more skill points it gives you to level up your dragon with.

How do you hit higher with your dragon in dragonfable?

dragonfable code

What do you do after you get the dragon in dragonfable?

get a dragon amulet and you can use your big dragon

How do you get more dragonfable characters?

By either activating your account, or buying a dragon amulet.

How do you get infinite health in Dragon Fable?

You can get a DragonFable trainer that will do many different things depending on which one you get. I recommend the trainer by Atheros, which you can find by searching Google for "Atheros DragonFable trainer." Its functionality includes more than just infinite health, but I'll let you discover the other features as a surprise! :)

What does DA mean in dragonfable?

Dragon Amulet. It'd Dragonfable's membership.

What dragon egg in dragonfable should you choose to hatch a dragon with a HP of 16000 more?

Sorry, but there is no dragon egg that does that. The eggs are for decoration, and has no effect on the dragon itself.

How do you get more than one charcter on dragonfable?

activate your account or buy a dragon amulet.

Where do you get a dragon amulet on dragonfable?

You have to buy it.

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