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How do you get more than one masterball?

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2011-09-13 03:16:34

I only know the cheat for Pokemon blue on the gameboy but it

goes like this:

1.Put the master balls in 6th place in your bag.

2.Go to viridian city and talk to the man who shows you how to

catch Pokemon.

3.When he asks you if you want him to show you how to catch

Pokemon say yes. (if this cheat doesen't work try saying no).

4.Fly to cinnibar island and use surf on the bank of the right

side of the island until you find missisingo (don't catch it or

it'll spoil your game) and defeat it.

5.You can keep using this cheat over and over again and it can

also be used on any other item in your poket too!!!

P.S-While using this cheat DO NOT go into any buildings

or the cheat won't work!

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