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How do you get more than one metal coat in Pokemon?

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More Than One Metal CoatIn Pokemon Emerald it is possible to clone, so give the metal coat to any Pokemon and clone it. Then you can trade a Pokemon that doesn't evolve while holding metal coats to other versions. Answer in fire red versionThe other one is in down,right,down of the grave of tectonix and one is win battle tower in knockout or mixed..............

Here is a simple way to get alot of metal coats you can buy metal coats with your pokecoupons in Pokemon colosseum and Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

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Can you use the Metal Coat item more than once?

No, the Metal Coat is an evolution item that you give to Onix or Scyther before you trade one of them if you want a Steelix or Scizor. Once you traded an Onix or Scyther holding a Metal Coat, your Pokemon will evolve, but they won't be holding a Metal Coat afterwards for you to take back.

When does pinco evolve?

i think you need a metal coat, and give it to him or her than trade it

How does coating with another metal prevent corrosion?

when you coat a metal in another metal you are protecting the inside metal. The metal metal that is being used as a coat must be more corrosive than the 1st metal. For example iron can be coated in zinc because zinc is more corrosive than iron. This is common on a ship, the iron hull is coated with blocks of zinc which will act as a barrier and will corrode instead of the iron. The zinc blocks must be renewed after a period of time however. Other ways of stopping metals from corroding include, chromium plating, coating in paint, oil or plastic.

How do you get a Pokemon with more than 400 attack on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Pokemon fire red how to have more Pokemon more than 6 Pokemon

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Pokemon silver is more rare than gold but Pokemon crystal is more rare than Pokemon silver or any other Pokemon game.

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No you can not have more than one login in Pokemon diamond.

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How do you get more than one Pokemon in the dream world?

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Can you duplicate Pokemon on Emerald more than once?

Yes, you can duplicate Pokemon on Emerald more than once.

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