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How do you get more torque?

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lower gears you can also add an new intake which will give your 10-20 more horse powers

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Which engine has more torque?

piston engines have more torque than jet engines..

Does the escort 75 van have more torque than the 55 van?

of course 100% more bhp and more torque

Why torque and then back off and then re torque metal head gasket?

That method results in a more accurate and even torque.

What meninges of Torque?

If you mean "what does torque mean", then it means it's the amount of twisting power your tires will have. Horse power is speed and torque is strength. Torque is like leverage, the bigger the throw on a flywheel, the more torque you have ( meaning more towing power or getting going power).

What are the kinds of torque in motors?

There are various kinds of torques involved in opeartion of a motor:-Starting Torque: At the starting, motor has to deal with standstiill condition, this torque should be good enough to deal with friction and windageLoad Torque: It is the torque which a motor faces on apply of load.Breakdown Torque: more than this torque if more load is applied on a motor, torque generated will not increase and motor will starts slowing down

What is the torque sequence for a Lexus ls400?

torque sequence on what part? more info needed

Torque specs for 1991 Buick 3800 V6?

Need more info. Torque specs. for what?

Kevin an experienced golfer he knows that more torque in swing more distance his drive will have?

The distance of Kevin's drive is a function of the torque of his swing.

Where do you use torque while driving a car?

Torque is used when taking off or pulling a load. The more torque you have the faster the car will take off.

Does a mustang or a Camaro have more torque?

camaro more tourqe and more horsepower

What is the Wheel torque on Renault clio 1.2 liter?

no more than 100 ft lbs. of torque

What is torque i?

TORQUE is a measurment of how strong the engine is,horsepower is how quickly the engine makes power,for example,if you were wanting a fast car for racing you would want more horsepower,but if you were wanting to tow a heavy load,you would need more torque. torque means twisting effort.

What are the torque settings for a Holden 202?

The torque settings are very specific in this vehicle. You can find out more about them in your users manual.

Torque spec for 92 v6 Toyota Camry?

Hundreds of nuts and bolts to torque. Please be more specific

Torque setting for 1800 turbo diesel endrua engine please?

Torque for which bolts?? need more information.

How do you add more torque?

by tuning/upgrading your engine.

Why do they use diesels in the le mans?

because they are more efficent and have more torque.

What sprockets should I use to give a minimoto more torque?

For more torque you want a smaller at the front and/or a bigger at the back. It might lower top speed though.

Which one having high torque petrol or diesel engines?

Diesel engines have much more torque at low rpm.

How is hooke's law releted to torque wrench action?

Torque wrenches depend on a modern generalisation of Hooke's Law. The deformation of an elastic material (even the steel out of which parts of a torque wrench are made) is proportional to the stress to which it is subjected. When you use a torque wrench part of it follows the thing your turning and part of it does not. That part of the torque wrench twists slightly; it's being deformed and obeys Hooke's Law. The more twist, the more torque is being applied. The needle amplifies the amount of twist so that you can read the torque on the gauge.

Deeper the holes greater torque?

when u make a deeper hole then more surface area is in contact with the walls and more chips is in a flutes, so that's why the torque is greater

Why is traction on an automobile needed?

Simply to turn torque applied into forward (or backward) propulsion. The more traction you have the more power (or torque) you can apply without spinning (which is fun but not fast)

How does torque differ from force?

The term "torque" is used specifically for circular motion. For a difference, torque and force have different dimensions. Torque has the dimensions of force x distance. This is because you can increase the torque both by applying more force, or by increasing distance from the axis of rotation, of the position where the force is applied.

What is better for getting more torque going down teeth or up teeth in front sprockets on a motorcycle?

Strictly speaking the only way to get more torque out of the motor is to tune it. But you can get more torque/faster acceleration (and lower top speed) at the rear wheel by going to fewer teeth on the front sprocket.

Where is the torque screw on my chevy truck?

Give us more info like the year, model, engine and define "torque screw".

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