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Well, I had this problem a while ago too.

After finding the right info, it took me like 3 minutes to add a new ring tone to my iPhone, and for free!!!

Here is the tutorial I used:


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โˆ™ 2009-03-05 13:43:06
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Q: How do you get new ringtones for your iPhone?
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How do you get ringtones for iPhone?

Need ringtones? There's an app for that. Get it?

Do itune ringtones work on other phones besides iphone?

No, iPhone ringtones are in .m4r format

How do you get ringtones off your ipod and into your ringtones on your iPhone?

You have to download the ringtones from your ipod to your iphone through itunes... upload the ringtone as if an app or a song or video

How do you download ringtones from iTunes to an AT and T phone?

You cannot download ringtones to any AT&T phone other than an iPhone. To download ringtones to an iPhone, follow the link.

How many ringtones can be stored on an iPhone?

That depends on the storage of your iPhone

Where can one download free iPhone ringtones?

One can download free iPhone ringtones at sites like or Myxer. iTunes also carries some free iPhone ringtones. Be aware of sources that claim to offer free ringtones but then have costs added later.

What are the ringtones used in the Pretty Little Liars series?

Some of the ringtones are on the iphone.

How do you download ringtones from ringophone to a iPhone?

How do you download ring tones to a iPhone?

Where can i get free ringtones for a non jailbroken iphone 4 16gb?

You can get free ringtones for a non jailbroken iPhone 4, 16gb online at

Can you put custom ringtones on iPhone?


Where can I find ringtones for my iPhone?

If you want ringtones for an iPhone you should check out iTunes first. Also, Amazon offers a huge selection of songs as ringtones. Your phone itself should help point you in the right direction.

Will regular ringtones work on an iPhone 3g?

you can set any ringtone in iPhone . but it should be M4r format . just convert and Sync to i tunes . it wil come on the top part in iphone ringtones

Is there any way to gey free ringtones for iphone Example The Mario theme song or Pokemon tunes?

You can get free ringtones for your iPhone by downloading them at or

I am looking for instructions on how to download ringtones for my new phone.?

There are many sites to download ringtones with many popular songs that you may like. You can also use the iTunes software if you have an iPhone and simply put the downloaded ringtone in the ringtones folder.

How do you make free ringtones for an iPhone?

by app store

Where can I download funny ringtones?

If you have an iPhone, you may download a completely free application called "ringtones". It has great ringtones. The only downside is that you need a high speed internet computer to download these ringtones.

How do you make ringtones for the iPhone?

For Mac users you can use Garageband software and itunes to create custom ringtones for the iphone. For Windows user you can use itunes. refer to links below

How do you get ringtones from iTunes to your iPhone?

There are normally 2 ways that we can get iPhone ringtones from iTunes. The first one is buying directly from iTunes store for $0.99 each; alternatively, we can use iTunes to create custom iPhone ringtones with the songs that we have purchased, and after making a ringtone, we will have to pay another $0.99. Actually, there are a lot of software that can help you make free iPhone ringtones from our favorite music, even video. For more details, check the related links.

How do you download ringtones from your purchases in iTunes on a Mac?

Ringtones from iTunes will be transferred to your iPhone when you plug the iPhone into the Mac and select them in iTunes in the iPhone window that appears when you click on your phone in the left side pane. Start iTunes. Plug the USB from the iPhone into the computer. Look for the iPhone in the left pane of iTunes. Click the iPhone. Click in the main window to select the ringtones you want to put on the iPhone. Click 'Sync'. Click the eject button on the left pane for the iPhone to eject it. Unplug the iPhone In the iPhone prefs select the ringtone you want.

Easiest way to get ringtones for iphone?

Well... you can make your own ringtones for free, but the easiest way it to buy them on iTunes for $1.29 or 99¢.

Where can I find ringtones for sale for my iPhone 5S?

If you want a new ringtone for your iPhone 5S a really good place to go is the App store located on your iPhone. Once you have searched for 'Ring Tones' you will be able to preview segments of new ring tones and make your choice.

I purchased ringtones for my iPhone off of WWEcom Now I can't find them What did I do wrong?

First, ask yourself the following questions: You sync iPhone Ringtone? Ringtones play in iTunes? You select ringtones to sync? All the ringtones are under 30 seconds? They do not show up under sounds? They show up under the ringtones tab? They are in the ringtone section of iTunes under library? If your problem still exsits, check the related links for How to Sync iPhone Ringtone on Mac below

How do you get ringtones on your iPhone?

Before, i always bought ringtones from iTunes store, but later, I switched to iPhone Ringtone Maker for Mac. Well, if you are a Mac user, you can have a try. More is available at the related links below.

How do you transfer a ringtone from an old iPhone to a new iPhone?

If you are a Mac user, you can use iPhone ringtone maker for mac, which has a ringtone manager. It can help you to make, sync, manage your ringtones skipping iTunes. CHeck the related link below

How do you get a ringtone for your iPhone?

Normally, you can buy ringtones from iTunes store. This is one option but you can also install your ringtones. Iphone supports m4r file for its ringtone. You can convert any audio or video file into m4r by using Total Video Converter placed in 4shared or you can also visit the website and upload your file there. After that you will be given a link for iphone ringtone. Download it. When you download it, add that file to your itunes library. There will be a link shown on your device link with the name of "Ringtones". Then go to your device and check the box of sync ringtones in Ringtones menu. Then sync it and you will have a ringtone on your iphone.